The Kind Factor: Carol Vorderman Offers Free Support and Faces Criticism In Return

Times of national crisis are a time when spreading love and kindness is more important than ever. Carol Vorderman has been sharing some kindness, offering free maths lessons for children between 4 and 12 who are schooling at home while the country is on locked down.

However, trolls on the internet dont seem to be able to take a day off from their constant criticism and bringing people down, and they flooded social to comment on her appearance of all things!

Unfortunately this is nothing new for Carol Vorderman. At 59, she has faced criticism on how she choses the dress, how she chooses to age, and the treatments she has for over 20 years. She faced ageists and sexist comments way back in 2000 when she wore a minidress to the BAFTAS, which the papers questioning whether a woman on 39 should be wearing a minidress! She advocates for women being able to wear what they want, what they feel good in, and have any treatments they like as they get older – and we love that!

Luckily, other users quickly stepped in to defend her and praise her free initiative!


During such difficult times, kindness if more important than ever. We must remember that we’re all in this together! So many people are reaching out and offering help and support with those homeschooling, whether it’s free math lessons from Carol Vorderman, daily PE lessons with Joe Wickes or free stories from David Walliams. It’s important to pull together and above all #bekind!

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