The Beauty Of Getting Older – Do Not Be Ashamed.

There is a growing movement of women and men embracing the beauty of getting older. Although most people think embracing ageing means going ‘au natural’ and not worrying about the hiding the grey hairs or wrinkles, what this movement focuses on is ageing in your own way. For some people that means ditching the hair dye and learning to love your wrinkles. For others, they may have surgery or ‘tweakments’ to help them feel their absolute best. Embracing ageing isn’t about choosing one way to age – it’s about ageing your own way, not dictated by how society thinks you should. Having all the different ways of ageing out in the media is important – it helps people see that there are so many ways of getting older and it’s all about being comfortable with yourself.

Alice Hart Davis, author of ‘The Tweakments Guide’, captured it well on her Instagram post this week:

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I find it strange when people ask me if I’m ashamed of getting older. They think that since I have so many tweakments, I must hate myself, or be ashamed of the way I look. Yet strangers praise me for doing lots of exercise, to stay strong and mobile. They don’t ask if I’m ashamed of my muscles becoming weaker with age. And no one shames me for eating healthily, or getting my hair coloured. It’s seen as ‘looking after yourself’. But devoting time and money to our looks - people still feel there’s something wrong with that. Why? All these tweakments give us a choice of how to look as we age - a choice we never used to have. I feel no shame either around getting older - I love being older! - nor around having tweakments. And neither should you. For more information about tweakments and to find one of the expert practitioners whom I would be happy to visit myself, visit

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She talks about being judged for the way she chooses to age. People think that because she has ‘tweakments’ and surgerys that she must hate ageing and the way she looks. However, she doesn’t feel any shame at getting older – in fact she loves it! Everyone has a right to age their own way.

Some, like Helen Mirren, like to embrace their wrinkles and lines, preferring the media to represent her exactly how she is. She wants a real representation of ageing, whatever way you choose to.

Be you – imperfectly perfect with age.

The classic images of midlifers in the media are bland, boring grey individuals that all blend into each other. The pictures a lot of brands use don’t capture the new pro ageing movement! Midlife is vibrant and individual – we all age different and choose different paths and the media should be reflecting and embracing that.

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I met so many amazing people that inspired me @the.real.catwalk organised by the incredible @khrystyana and her team. A perfect reminder that we all need to embrace our differences and come together to celebrate each other. So much love and positivity in one place which I know will stay with me for weeks to come. It was a pleasure to show up for the older women with @avafaythompson and Rebecca Weef Smith @goldie_magazine. I have two new girl crushes on @plussizevintagemadame & @kaisasparkle (can we take a moment to honour that Orange swimsuit! ❤️) and I finally got to meet someone who is a huge inspiration to me on here @jess_megan_ ❤️❤️❤️#bodyconfidence #embraceyourself #celebratedifference #beyourself #unapologetic #wearenotinvisible #diversity #representationmatters #silver #curvemodel #size16 @bridgemodels Lingerie @simplybeuk

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The Beauty Of The Years

There is something wonderful about the experience and calmness of age. The lines and the textured hair all bring with them extra power. We often learn to accept ourselves more as we get older. However, that does not mean we forget about our looks. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look the best you can. It does not mean you’re trying to look young, it means you want to look the best version of you.

There are an increasing range of surgical and non surgical products that can reduce the effects of ageing. New skin rejuvenation techniques and lots of very popular treatments like Botox, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, micro needling and laser therapy. And of course changes to what you eat, how much you exercise and your overall lifestyle have a big impact on how you feel and look.

It really does feel good to be in midlife. Yes the signs of ageing start to show – but we all have the choice to minimise the changes either naturally or with some help. If you want to have lots of treatments or exercise everyday it is your choice. Do not be ashamed of getting older, embrace it in whatever way it makes you feel good!

By Louise Proddow

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