The Abfab Age Of The Pout …

By Louise Proddow

My poem to the new obsession with selfies, where has this come? Victoria Beckham, Kardashians, Meg Matthews, Madonna all striking a pouting pose throughout the week, Maybe its because its wrinkle-free, its so popular there is even a website now dedicated to investigating the selfie which reveals, that you can find lots of smiling faces in Bangkok (0.68 average smile score) and Sao Paulo (0.64) while people taking selfies in Moscow smile the least (only 0.53 on the smile score scale).

Posing, pouting, posting
Strike a perfect pose
It’s our new obsession
We want to please
The Instagram image police

That selfie smile
The teapot arm
And angled hips
The mono face
See no wrinkles or lines

We know all the good angles
On an epic scale
And use a selfie stick
Make my waist smaller
With a hand on hip

Ready 15 minutes early
To capture the glamour
Sunsets and selfies
Filtered and airbrushed
Does anyone see the real me?
Is this how we are defined?

Create a new image in your own hands
Pouting, spiraling out of control
From car to coach
It’s all about the pout.
“Give me some reality” I shout
Time we let some real life out

It’s the age of sharing and the selfie at every age? I have to admit it being a bit of a distraction at times for me, but I do try to mix in some of the real! Maybe it’s going to far, selfies and videos everywhere and  sometimes  I cringe when I see some of the posing pouts, how about you?

Whose pouting grabs your attention?

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