8 Super-Fit #Over40 Instagrammers We Love To Follow

Credit:  @LorraineCladish (top left), @tea.with.lucy.b (bottom left), @davinamccall (middle), @cornishbirdindorset (top right), @taniadalton (bottom right).

Age is no limit to fitness. We can reinvent ourselves physically at any age and here’s a selection of the super fit Instagrammers 40 years old and beyond to prove that being flexible, fit and fabulous is now ageless.

My favourite fitness fanatics bring a daily dose of inspiration to my instagram feed. In age defying sports gear and glowing hair, they have as much energy as my teenage daughter. From LA and Australia to the Cornish coast they reminder me that age doesn’t restrict us when it comes to physical fitness.

They’re creative and lead the way in showing us how to age with energy, style, strength and happiness providing new ideas for our own fitness journeys and keeping us motivated.

1. Tracy Anderson, @Traceyandersonmethod

The LA based 42-year-old fitness and wellness entrepreneur behind the ‘Tracey Anderson method’ with clients including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. Her feed is full of fast moving, intensive workouts incorporating dance and music as she leads her classes with a face of fierce determination.

2. Tracy Acock, @Cornishbirdindorset

A nurse from the Cornish coast, Tracey has embarked on a fitness trip and hasn’t looked back since, inspiring everyone as she goes along. We love her determination and positive vibe!

3. Davina McCall, @davinamccall

49-year-old Davina McCall is no stranger to the world of fitness, releasing 16 workout DVDs throughout the last decade to help the nation get in shape. Approaching the milestone age of 50, she’s rocking a solid set of abs and a slender figure, showing we can experience the virtues of fitness at any age. The mother of three is an advocate for body positivity too, posting honest selfies showing her body in a different perspective.

4. Tania Dalton, @taniadalton

A 48-year-old PT from Australia, redefining age with her adventurous lifestyle, showing that by no means does life slow down after 40. We love Tania’s positive message and she’s a great addition to any instagram feed.

5. Lorraine C. Ladish, @LorraineCladish

A yogini promoting self-love, body positivity and wellness through exercise. The 54-year-old thanks positions like the chaturanga for her toned body and inspires self-confidence through motivational posts towards embracing and celebrating age while becoming the best version of yourself.

 6. Mandy Ingber, @Mandyingber

Mandy Ingber promotes self-love, inner-strength and confidence through fitness and a positive and sustainable lifestyle. Yoga is the former actresses exercise of choice which has helped her maintain a strong and toned physique. Her fitness posts are often accompanied by a thoughtful, profound and uplifting caption making it easy to catch her inspiration and positivity.

 7. Laura Gordon, @Cttchickentuna

Fitness star Laura Gordon is 49-years-old and has amassed an enormous following, partly down to her impressive figure. Her dedication is aspirational and she admits that it’s extremely hard work to maintain such a high level of fitness. The midster works out eight times a week and sticks to a clean diet without using supplements. However her physique is a testament to her dedication and shows what can possible to achieve at almost 50 years old!

8. Tea With Lucy B, @tea.with.lucy.b

Another yogi we love, who started at 49 and 7 years later is more flexible than ever. Lucy B is a health coach and private yoga teacher, showing the benefits of ageing with flexibility and strength!

Nothing is out of reach at aged 40 and now at 53 fitness is one of my biggest pleasures. I could not imagine life without exercise, from bootcamps to running and age certainly shouldn’t be considered a restriction when achieving a fitness goal. The new instagram fit friends add a dose of inspiration to my daily feed – why not add these with these fabulously fit instagrammers to yours!

Additionally you can follow us @Rejuvage, we’re here to show that life at 40, 50 and beyond rocks!

By Louise Proddow


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