5 Summer Style Tips For Men Over 40

The blue skies, balmy breezes and long warm days of summer bring angst to some older men. As youngsters they would throw on t-shirts, shorts and trainers without a second thought. Once past 40 their heads become clouded with sartorial concerns such as, ‘should I  be wearing shorts  at my age?’, ‘Can I wear socks with shorts?’, ‘Can I still wear that Santana t-shirt?’

I’m no shrill activist, but frankly, these worries are the result of society’s ageist attitudes. We sometimes worry about what people think of us. But why shouldn’t older men wear what they like? While I subscribe to the view a man’s sense of style should be his own affair, I urge you to exercise caution. Here are a few pointers to help you achieve style rather than scorn.

1. Think about why you want to wear that printed t-shirt. If it’s a misguided effort to look younger/cool, forget it.

Image credit: Nick Maroudias

2. Buy clothes that fit well and are good quality. Elegance and restraint are the keys to style.

3. Wear shorts by all means, but bear in mind 1. and 2. above. Baggy below knee cargo pants look rubbish because they are out of proportion to a man’s body. Buy tailored shorts a couple of inches above the knee.

Image credit: Bart Pajak

4. Go for classic styles. This isn’t because you’re old, it’s because life has taught you what works best.

5. Before you go out, check in the mirror. Do you look stylish and sophisticated? If the answer is yes, off you go and enjoy your summer.

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David Evans


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