In Praise of Older Women – A Man’s View of Style for Older Women

By David Evans | @greyfoxblog 

I’m going to come clean from the start; I’m a great admirer of the older woman. Her age and its physical manifestations are badges of honour which, when carried with self-assurance, mark her experience of life, her attractiveness and her sexiness placing her, in my opinion, head and shoulders above younger women.

I’m meant to be talking about style, fashion and womenswear, but can’t do so without putting this into the context of how a woman might see herself as she ages. Sadly, under pressure from society’s expectations, many women struggle to cling onto youth. While covering signs of age with make-up and hair dye are widely accepted, the use of cosmetic and surgical procedures can backfire. The more extreme of these only enhance age by drawing attention to it. The signs of surgery and other facial procedures can be far more ugly than the marks they seek to eradicate. The dead, immobile face and plastic skin of the cosmetically ‘enhanced’ do nothing for women (or men for that matter). I can’t help feel that vulnerable women are led into expensive procedures by people more interested in money than in their real welfare.

I’m attracted to women who embrace their age and work with it. Age is a privilege; it has given us experiences of life, relationships, work, play and sex which are gifts to be used to enjoy life to the full. Age can be embraced by allowing your hair to turn grey or white, by accepting lines, wrinkles and saggy bits and by dressing to enhance the richness that these gifts have given us. Age is about dignity, elegance and wisdom and you can show these characteristics in how you dress.

Age isn’t a licence to let yourself run to seed. Keep fit and active, stay interested in fashion, clothes and style. Manage the adverse effects of age by exercising regularly and in moderation for aerobic and muscular fitness. The sexiest older women I know look after themselves and their bodies naturally: they walk, cycle, swim and lift gentle weights to maintain muscle bulk as they age. Exercise helps keep the brain healthy and depression at bay. Finally, stay interested things around you and, above all, keep an open mind.

In terms of womenswear style, what do I, as a man, find attractive in older women? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Fit: elegance and minimalism. Avoid frumpy, frilly and feathery. I feel that minimalist works best. Buy stuff that fits and has shape and style. Tailored clothes work. I’m not advocating boring clothes, just ones that add an elegance and dignity.
  2. Don’t hide your body. Whatever your body shape and type, try to keep a proportion between clothes and body.
  3. Keep it simple. Stick to classics.
  4. Quality clothes will fit, last and look better than cheaper ones. They are cut better and will look better for that reason.
  5. Go easy with pattern; plain, elegant shapes work best.
  6. Show your personality. Are you into vintage, casual, smart or sporty? Let your interests show. I find signs of an interesting personality far more attractive than pure beauty.
  7. Allow your hair to go grey/white. Look after it and have it styled.

Where to find inspiration? There are many older woman bloggers out there. One of my favourites is Alyson Walsh’s That’s Not My Age . I confess to visiting it more frequently than any men’s style blog, if only to read about and admire the many naturally attractive and well-dressed older women she features. There is much inspiration there (and on other good blogs) for women looking for style as they age.

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