It’s Spring: Time To Embrace The ‘Back to Nature’ Health Benefits

It is time to embrace one of the worlds biggest wellness trends – the rise of green exercise and being connected to nature. More and more people are taking breaks and travelling to destinations that enable them to connect with natural surroundings. Plus, evidence from leading scientists shows that it lowers blood pressure and significantly boosts natural killer (NK) cells and anticancer proteins.*

Nature is the New Luxury

It is time to put down your phone and device, take time out and slow down. Technology and urbanisation are leading to a ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. To counterbalance this more hotels and spas are offering experiences to get you tapping back into nature.

Simple Ways To Immerse Yourself in Nature

Short Green Breaks

  • Try to make a conscious effort to spend some time each week or day in a green place. A short walk in a park at lunchtime, or lying on the grass and looking up at the trees and sky, can inspire you with new ideas and boost your cortisol levels.

Sit and Relax

  • Take time to appreciate nature. How often do you just sit outside with no devices and soak up the air, the flowers, the smells? Sometimes it helps to just stop and listen.


  • It’s a fun way to spend the evening instead of watching TV, taking time to look up watch the stars go by.

Buy a Plant

  • Add a little greenery to your home or office to enjoy the colours and the smells.

Outdoor Cafes

  • Take time to enjoy a cup of tea in a park café or take your lunch outside and enjoy the fresh air.


  • Yes, its official, hugging trees and walking barefoot in the grass is good for the senses and overall wellness!

A Long Walk or Hike

  • Arrange a day trip out to walk along the coast or around a local green space. It takes a few hours to really switch off and the fresh air will revitalise you.

Get Close to Water

  • Water is one of nature’s most soothing beauties so make time walk by a nearby river, around a lake or by the sea.

Book a Log Cabin

  • Rustic one bedroom cabins are popping up all around the UK and abroad. Many of them have easy access to walking and cycling roots, so you can soak up nature. Airbnb has some great places at great value! Check out this list of the best nature stays and wildlife nature trips.

Take a Country Drive

  • Ok so this is the lazy option but if you roll down the windows and park up in a beauty spot you can instantly feel the benefits.

Alpaca Walking

  • Why not arrange something different and walk an alpaca instead of walking down the high street! An experience to remember – you can arrange a family trip to walk alpaca or visit a local farm.

Forest Bathing

  • It has nothing to do with water and is just a poetic way of describing a “walk in the woods”! It involves “bathing” all your senses in the forest – no power hiking, just wandering slowly, breathing deeply and being mindful.

Bring Nature Inside

  • Beyond just buying plants, bring in the visuals of nature into your home. Woodcut coffee tables, organic shapes and fabrics and earthy prints can all help bring calm to your house.

Be sure to make the most of spring as it is good for your health and happiness. Not only are you surrounded by all the lovely flowers and blossom, but it will reduce blood pressureheart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. It may even reduce mortality, according to scientists. It is true – nature heals!


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