Sober October and The Plank Challenge – Lucy B

SOBER OCTOBER like DRY JANUARY gives everyone in the UK the opportunity of being alcohol free for 30 days without the normal barrage of questions and temptations.

As a Recovery and Empowerment Coach I am passionate about it not being a period of denial.  Just going through the whole of October with eyes on 1st November is definitely missing the point.  I want my mid-life women to go through without any feelings of missing out.  That is why I decided this year to add a Plank Challenge into the 31 days.

Strength building is so important for mid-life women.  Throughout menopause and beyond we need to work on bone density. Osteoporosis is a real problem and Plank is one of the most effective full body exercises we can do.

Plank is wonderfully measurable; you can start where you are and every day add a few more seconds.  It doesn’t matter if you start at 10 seconds or 5 minutes, just get that under the belt and then start progressing to next minute and beyond.  It is mostly a head game… so stay out of your head and notice what’s going on with your body.  Remember to squeeze your glutes, abs and push your heels away.

FYI I got stuck on a one-minute plank for about 1 year and then I realised it was a mental game not a physical one and now I can do 5 minutes.

If you have any questions or need any tools or resources for helping you with being Alcohol free then tune into my @tea.with.lucy.b on IG.  Or get in touch with me.  The IG Lives will be every Friday through out October, and I be answering questions and offering resources.

This October get alcohol free and UP your plank game…. Now that is a great challenge.  No denial needed!  Maybe incorporating some journaling throughout the month to bring awareness to any changes in mood, sleep, food cravings, anxiety etc…

Good luck.

Lucy B x


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