Skinny Tan: The Latest Trend To Get A Springtime Glow

Spring is here! Daffodils are sprouting, the days are longer and we’re starting to see a bit more sun. However, your complexion is still the

Skinny Tan is the latest trend to give you some colour, having recently moved from Australia to UK profits have soared. InnovaDerma said sales in the six months to December 31st 2016 increased 125.5 per cent to £3.2million.

The Products

Image credit: Skinny Tan.

An image of the 7 day tanner product by skinny tan.


The tanner achieves a natural, which is gradually built up after seven days.

An image of the & days Darker tanning product by skinny tan.

A more instant solution which can work after just two hours to achieve a darker shade of tan.

An image of the gradual tanner product from skinny tan.

A body butter designed to be layered daily for a gradual tan.

What’s In It

It’s a natural product, perfect for achieving that springtime glow without having to worry about that awful fake tan smell and patches. The formula claims to be streak free, while the smell is scented with a cool ‘coconut island breeze’.

The formula for skinny Tan contains guarana, a natural botanical which contains caffeine with skin-firming properties, plus it’s completely chemical free! The tanning cream uses a DHA agent is naturally derived from seeds, while avoiding parabens and sulphates.

This guarana is the main ingredient in cellulite creams, which stimulates the skin in order to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This combo of tanner-cellulite treatment is a reason the product is so popular, it’s unique!

Why “Skinny” Tan?

Critics have pointed out the disconcerting message of labelling a tanning product as ‘skinny’ although this is put to rest, when considering the beauty industry in general. Karla Ivankovich, PHD and professor of psychology at UOI explains to Yahoo Beauty, “the beauty and fashion industries have historically worked to create products that accentuate the female form.” and continue to state there’s nothing wrong with wearing and using products which make you feel good. Essentially, improving self-confidence is key.

From Skinny Tan’s latest blog, founder Louise Ferguson explains the meaning behind the name,

“The biggest misconception, of course, is that Skinny Tan was made for girls with thin bodies.  Quite the opposite!   Skinny Tan was created because I was struggling with my weight after having a baby and I felt I looked thinner when tanned… But toning as well as tanning was only part of the decision to call it Skinny Tan. The real reason was that like your Skinny Cappuccino, Skinny Tan includes less of the ingredients that are bad for you.”

Skinny Tan is well worth a try, considering it’s all natural, has skin-smoothing and firming properties and doesn’t have the nasty smell we’ve come to expect from tanning products. Perfect for giving you some colour this spring!


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