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Face Surgery

Are you considering facial surgery, but aren’t sure where to start? Here you will find all our advice on different facial surgeries available to you, their potential costs, and questions you should ask yourself when considering a surgery.

Brow Lift

Find out more about a Brow lift, here! A brow lift is a type of face surgery that reduces the appearance of wrinkles across your brow, as well as giving your upper face a noticeable lift. Find out more about the costs, potential risks and our recommended Surgeons for this face surgery!

Chin Surgery

Chin surgery is a type of face surgery that can use implants to give you your desired look, this type of face surgery can also reduce the size and shape of your chin. We have included details on the types of chin surgery available as well as the average costs for you when considering this face surgery!

Face Lift

Find everything you need to know about getting a face lift, here. For full face surgery, a face lift is what you are looking for… The surgery ranges from mini to deep plane, depending on how much of a lift you need and how many wrinkles you want to vanish!  Find out more about average costs, potential risks and recommended Surgeons.

Facial Implants

Are you interested in Facial Implants? This face surgery enables you to enhance your cheeks, jaw, and chin, and is a quick procedure often chosen to boost areas that may have become shallow as you have aged. Find out everything you need to know about facial implants, here.

Lip Fillers

Are you considering lip fillers for fuller, more shapely lips? Find out everything you need to know about this lip enhancing face surgery, here. We have put together all the details you need on costs, questions you should ask your Surgeon and more!

Neck Lift

Find out more about neck lifts, here. This face surgery will give your neck a youthful boost, reducing the appearance of wrinkles by tightening the skin and reducing excess fat. Get all the information you need, including average costs, potential side effects, and Rejuvage recommended Surgeons!

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is available for those that would like to resize, reshape and even improve their noses’ functionality! This face surgery is able to give you a confidence boost if you feel self-conscious about your nose or improve your daily life if you struggle with reduced nose functionality. Find out everything you need to know, here!

Laser Eye Surgery

Struggling with your eyesight more as you age? Laser eye surgery is a great solution for those with poor vision. This treatment can enhance your vision, with a 96% success rate of patients achieving 20/20 vision or better! Find out more about Laser eye surgery, here.

Eye Lift

As we get older the wrinkles around our eyelids increase, and our eye bags get larger. An eye lift is the face surgery that can refresh your eyes and keep you looking youthful for longer. Find out everything you need to know about upper and lower eyelid lifts for a full eye lift that will anti-age you!

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