Short Haul Holiday Travel in a Pandemic: My First Flight Solo

The mask is on, the bag is packed and I arrive at Stanstead airport with butterflies.  With all the  stories of the risk of infection on flights, I was a bit worried about the air circulation in the cabin, but apparently most viruses and other germs don’t spread easily because of the way air circulates, according to the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Then there is the worry of standing airport queues and being in close contact with people. On top of this being a menopausal woman who had a recent bout of antibiotics I am worried my temperature will be sky high if they test! I took two paracetamol an hour ago as a safety measure and will do the same before I land.  It transpires no one took my temperature on take off or landing.

When I get in the airport, it is empty and clean, I literally whizzed through passport controls and security. So my worry of spending lots of time in a crowded airport was unfounded. In fact, all the staff seemed extra friendly behind their masks and gloves and pleased to see passengers.

Once in the airport lounge, only some of the shops and restaurants where open. The make-up counters were empty with no testers, which makes sense. I still managed to treat myself to some Tom Ford perfume and left duty free to see a Pret in front of me. Well-spaced tables and healthy snacks to take on board – a green tea and a salad – it actually felt relaxing.

My next focus was getting on the plane. I had booked a seat near the front so that I did not have to mingle down the plane. You could see Jet2 had really cleaned and sanitised every surface, it looked clean. And like many airlines Jet2 are blocking seats between passengers that are not in the same family – so I settled in my window seat in my mask with lots of space between me and the next passenger.

Normal snacks and beverages were served by masked crew and all the passengers seemed happy flying in their masks on.  Considering how worried I was this was a smooth experience, I even got a couple of hours sleep.

There was an announcement asking us to fill in our travel entry forms before we landed in Bodrum, these were orms to declare you do not have Covid19 and contact details. When we landed there was a bit of a delay as the airport officer at Bodrum collected all the forms.

I travelled light to minimise my time in the airport, so I was straight through with just my hand luggage. Custom control at Bodrum was fast and within 15minutes of landing I was off to my retreat.

Do I wish I had stayed at home? Definitely not, with the right planning flying does feel safe.


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