Seduce Yourself First – Self Love and Date Nights with Yourself

This week, I got all dressed up for a casual Monday night girlie meetup. As I was getting ready, this dress fell off the hanger. I had forgotten how much I love the fabric and colour against my skin! So I put it on, it felt good, fun, sensuous and me – who cares if it is a bit OTT! Although I definitely felt a bit OTT when I got to the Ivy and realised I was a week early…..Dippy!

So I decided to date myself that night instead! I laughed with the staff, ordered a glass of bubbles and my favourite fish cakes. Yes, people gazed but I enjoyed my table for one!

We get so caught up doing everything by the rule book that we forget to seduce ourselves. Self-seduction is all a part of self-love and this is how I embrace it:

  • Wear silk, satin, lace, latex or lycra. Wear something you love the feel of close to your skin!
  • Feel alive –  exercise, use a body brush, take a sauna, feel the fresh tingle of fresh skin.
  • Smooth oil over your body so that it feels soft. Enjoy the touch of smooth and silky skin. 
  • Read something spiritual or sensual, lose yourself in poetry.
  • Love your feet. Pamper them and wear shoes that excite you.
  • Feed yourself a small treat. Savour the taste and indulge once in a while as I did.
  • Move your body and feel the rhythm of the music.
  • Do what YOU want. Run in the rain, sit under the stars, go out and forget the housework and washing up.
  • Treat yourself. Buy yourself flowers or have a manicure.

Feel the magic of self-love, however outrageous or indulgent it is. How do you seduce yourself?

By Louise Proddow


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