Relax And Recharge With A ‘Midshine’ Break

I just got back from a ‘mumshine’ break, as the media term it, or ‘midshine’ break as I prefer to call it, and discovered  I am on-trend. A recent study of 2,000 mums by Oliver’s Travels found that 44% of mums make time for a girly trip. This is especially true after the summer holidays when many of us have looked after hormonal teenagers or some just want to avoid the expensive mid-summer holiday season. September sees many heading for top UK destinations like Scotland and many more venturing abroad like I did. 


1. Scotland

2. Cornwall

3. Wales


5. Ireland

6. France

7. Italy

8. Mallorca

9. The Cotswolds

10. Greece

11. Ibiza

12. Benidorm

13. Portugal

14. Canary Islands

15. Menorca

16. Turkey

17. Dubai/UAE

18. Croatia

19. Egypt

20. Morocco

After a lifetime of work and school run commitments, I am loving the freedom of heading on more spontaneous trips out of school holidays and getting some bargain offers. It’s a time to de-stress and just do what I want without worrying about anyone else.  The survey revealed that one in four of us are taking short breaks with friends and indulging in more adult activities. 

It is a cliché but the urge to travel does seem to intensify over 50. After decades of focusing on looking after everyone else in the family, I crave the freedom to explore and by travelling out of season and hunting down some great websites I find some great bargains. My favourite sites are:

There is something exciting about starting to travel more with friends, but I have also discovered the joy of travelling alone. Mid-shine holidays to me are about freedom, being able to get up when you want, watch what you want on the telly and embrace the changes you are going through. So if your friends are not free, embrace the joy of travelling by yourself!

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