The Real Catwalk – Body Confidence and Real Beauty Over 40

Embracing Bikini Bodies of all Sizes! 

Sunshine, holidays, light evenings, pimms, there’s so much to love this time of year. But alongside with all these good things can be something many of us dread – the Bikini.

The thought of putting on a bikini as you get older can make many of us anxious with our thoughts heading straight to the parts of our bodies we don’t like – our weight, wobbly bits or cellulite. Plus, the endless pictures of models in the media with their perfectly toned bodies has traditionally been enough to make anybody feel like hiding under the layers.

Thanks to the incredible new movement that is changing. 

Initiated by social media, beautiful women of all races, body shapes, sizes and ages are being celebrated.

In a move to improve diversity and representation of women in the media, ‘The Real Catwalk’ campaign has been holding guerrilla style catwalks in major cities including New York in December, and last Saturday in Trafalgar Square in London. The focus of Sunday’s Real Catwalk was bikini bodies, and the response was fantastic with women of all shapes, sizes and ages proudly strutting their stuff on a busy day in London.

There were many inspiring women on the day, but we loved seeing Rachel Peru, a midlife model and instragrammer (@rachelperu1), embracing her midlife body and representing us older women!

“What a fabulous event! Not only have I proved to myself how far my body confidence has grown but I have met so many #diverse beautiful people.”  Rachel Peru 47, Classic, Curve UK model.

The Real Catwalk aims to embrace and love all body shapes, types, ethnicity, genders and sizes. Seeing so many women proud of their bodies and willing to be vulnerable to remind us that we’re all beautiful in our own way.

It is time to stop being anxious the next time we wear swimwear in public, together real women are breaking down stereotypes and showing that #realbeauty comes in every shape and size.

Like all the beautiful women taking part in the real catwalk, embrace all your curves, wobbles and feel empowered, and the more we do it the more we empower other women to do it too!

Here’s to #bodypositivity at every age!

Photos from Instagram @rachelperu1 @khrystyana @racheloflondon

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