Are You Prematurely Ageing Because Of How You Sleep?

Your bedtime ritual and the way you sleep could be causing you to prematurely age.

First things first it’s a good idea to double cleanse. Making sure absolutely everything is off your face before bed can prevent breakouts and lacklustre skin. Any dirt or makeup congesting the skin can “disturb the skin’s nightly renewal process”, explained skin expert Lorena Oberg when talking to the Daily Mail.

This goes for overusing skincare products before bed too, heavy moisturisers and thick anti-ageing creams all disturb the process. It’s best to go for a lightweight serum.

Another cause of ageing is your sleep position. Sleeping on your side causes repeated pressure on your face which promotes collagen breakdown and leads to visible lines.

It’s suggested to sleep on your back. Although if like many, you find it impossible to sleep in any other position than your side, don’t fret.

A copper pillow could be the answer!

Fibres infused with copper oxide transfer into the moisture space between skin and fabric to aid natural skin renewal, meaning you can fight wrinkles while you sleep.

Illuminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase, £50.00

An image of the anti-ageing copper pillowcase, illuminage

The Bottom Line

Getting a good quality night of shut-eye is priority, there’s no need to switch things up if you have a routine that works for you!

Quality sleep can be hard to achieve for many and adding unnecessary factors into the process, such as trying a new position could be counter-productive. But for those looking to rejuvenate in their sleep, a copper pillow is a great option, it’s soft, gentle and helps your skin look more rested as you wake up!



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