Peppy launches their Menopause Support Service

At Rejuvage, we know how Menopause affects the day-to-day life of midlife women. Some of us sail through it without any troubling symptoms, but for some of us it can be debilitating. Its hard to find the support you need from the people around you, doctors and workplaces. Peppy, a support service for pre and postnatal women, has now launched a new branch of their service specifically for women going through Menopause.

Menopause Awareness is Growing

Menopause awareness has exploded recently with an increasing number of celebrities opening up about their personal struggles during mid-life. BBC Breakfast and other media outlets are highlighting the issues and the business community is waking up to the fact menopause is a huge issue in the workplace.

Although menopause is a natural event, three quarters of women suffer from symptoms brought on by hormonal fluctuations in the lead up to menopause. Symptoms usually start in the late 40s and around 25% of women describe them as severe, with 10% of women seriously considering quitting work as a result. In addition to the symptoms, there is a persistent stigma which can contribute to anxiety and depressed mood.

Woman Suffering In Silence Through Menopause

Too many women struggle silently. GPs receive little training about the menopause and may be unable to provide an adequate service within an average 7-10 minute appointment. Specialist women’s health clinics are available on the NHS but are difficult to access and completely unavailable in many locations. Women are forced to go to Google and Facebook for information and support.

Easy To Access Support Service

Kathy Abernethy, Rejuvage’s very own menopause specialist and outgoing Chair of the British Menopause Society, leads Peppy’s menopause services. The core service involves a 45-minute telephone consultation with a fully qualified and vetted menopause practitioner who has several years’ experience working in NHS women’s health clinics. During each consultation the practitioner will talk through a range of treatment options, both lifestyle-based and pharmaceutical. The services empower women with the knowledge and confidence to take control of their menopause journey.

It couldn’t be easier to talk to an expert, with one-to-one menopause support to your smartphone for just a small monthly fee.

Kathy says “the Peppy’s menopause services have the potential to change the lives of many women who struggle to manage the debilitating physical, emotional and psychological impact on their health and wellbeing”.

In addition to offering this service to women directly, Peppy are also partnering with leading employers across the country who want to do more to invest in the wellbeing of their female workforce.

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Especially for readers of Rejuvage, Peppy has offered a 20% discount until the end of December using the discount code REJUVAGE20, so dont hesitate to sign up today!




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