4 Over 40-50-60s Keeping Fit with Pole Dancing

Pole dancing, once previously associated with strip clubs and young women, has taken over the fitness industry. Studios and gyms all over the world are now packed with women of all ages, trying out the fun way to stay healthy.

Pole dancing is helping women everywhere defy stereotypes about ageing, and is now recognised as a sport by an international sporting body. Could we be seeing Pole Dancing at the Olympics by 2024? It’s a possibility!

With over 5 million people across the globe getting involved in pole sports, and 500 studios and gyms across the UK teaching pole dancing, this fitness activity is giving women everywhere a new way to enjoy exercise.

4 Inspiring Pole Dancers Over 40!

Katie Coates – 41

Katie, the founder of the International Pole Sports Federation, is inspiring women everywhere, working to make sure pole dancing is recognised as a sport.

“We’re proving everybody wrong. I’ve been told again and again by the traditional sports that it will be very difficult for us to be recognised as a sport, but that just spurs me on to achieve what they all say is impossible.” – Katie Coates

Christine Maguire – 53

Christine’s incredible pole dancing videos & photos are inspiring us to get involved! Her amazing upper body & core strength paired with the hashtag #50andfabulous show off that women can defy the stereotypes of age!

She is a part of the ‘Old moles on poles’ group. A team of over 40’s, who are all taking on the fitness challenges and enjoying the benefits of pole dancing.

Mary Caryl Giltner Serritella – 63

2017 North American Pole Dance Champion Mary Caryl shows off her ambitious pole dancing moves on her Instagram feed. Staying extremely fit, her incredible physique boasts the benefits of Pole Dancing, and her multiple awards prove you can keep up your healthy lifestyle as you age!

She’s right when she says- #nevergiveup #sixtyandsexy

Arloa Reston – 51

Instructor, performer & award-winner Arloa has been pole dancing for 6 years and has over 6 titles. Her instagram is full of inspiring ambitious moves that show off her strength!

With a defined, strong physique, and a fun way to stay fit, Arloa is #ageamazing!

What do you think about Pole Dancing, are you looking to spice up your workouts with a fun, unique way to get fit? Let these ladies inspire you to defy your age at 40, 50 and beyond. As Pole Dancing is now a recognised sport there is even more reason to get involved and join a growing tribe of dancers!

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