Ocean’s 8 – An All Women Cast!

What a cast – all amazing actors and strong women! This all age crew are breaking down midlife barriers in Hollywood. Rihanna 30 , Sandra Bullock 53 , Helena Bonham Carter 52 , Sarah Paulson 43, Cate Blanchett 49 , Anne Hathaway 35, Awkwafina 29 , Mindy Kaling 38 , and Dakota Fanning 24. Plus, the supporting cast of incredible men including James Cordon, Richard Armitage, Carl Reiner and Damian Lewis.

Seventeen years after the original Ocean’s 11 in 2001, Ocean’s 8 hits our screens this week. This film focuses on Sandra Bullock’s character, the sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean from the first films, who is leading a group of women into pulling off a heist at the Met Ball. Ocean’s 8 is a fun packed continuum of the Ocean’s franchise with a fresh female cast, location and heist. Much of the story follows the same flow as Ocean’s 11 – in that the lead character is released from prison, plans a heist, assembles a team and executes the heist.

It’s rare to get an all female cast working together,  as Bullock says in an interview with People magazine :

“It felt like it was a long time coming. Too long if you ask me — which you did — but I’m just so grateful that it happened. It felt like we had all been kept in solitary confinement from each other. Kind of like an ‘actress quarantine’ and when we all found ourselves like sardines in the trailer that first day, it was like the dam burst and we all made up for lost time.”

The film captures the power and comradeship generated when women work, it’s a very special experience:

“I saw a group of women support each other in the most humbling way. Everyone wanting the other to ‘have their moment’’

The film showcases the diversity of roles women embrace in life, with Bullock and Bonham Carter having a powerful screen presence. The all-female version gets a positive 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and it’s a great twist on criminal role we usually see men playing.

There are also reportedly cameo appearances from Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, as well as Katie Holmes having a small part in the film. With this star-studded cast this is definitely one to put in your diary!

Lets hope there is the first of many films that gets a cool group of women together and where midlife women really stand out!

Oceans 8 is in cinemas now!

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