Katie Milne Sole – New Years Resolutions? No Thanks!

So everyone is busy posting their own personal New Years Resolutions, which is cool…go for it, whatever keeps you motivated!

They’re not for me though. I say £@€% New Years Resolutions!

All they do is set you up for disappointment, usually (if you’re anything like me) by about the 9th of Jan. In fact, only 46% of people who make New Years Resolutions are successful. * Plus, the 12th January is the date people are most likely to give up by!**

Instead, I am starting every day with ONE positive statement.

For example, this morning I promised my self, 2 hours of me time – to plan, to write, to chill. 2 hours to myself where I do not have to run around and do everything for everyone else. It’s pretty frickin awesome actually. Great for my mental health, my creativity, my wellbeing and well, just plain good for ME!

I’ve never been very good at taking time for myself, being completely “selfish”, (never a bad thing when used for good!!) and doing things that make me smile, just for me, alone, by myself.

But I’ve come to realise, mostly because people I love keep telling me, that I can’t take care of anyone else if I don’t take care of me (an example of using selfishness for good).

So there it is…New Years Resolutions don’t work for me. Daily positive affirmations and statements of intent are working so far!

Goals To Set Yourself Every Morning

Daily goals should be what works for you and things that will make your day better. However, some of these goals may work for you!

  • Look at positives in a situation rather than the negative
  • Do a good deed for someone
  • Go for a walk
  • Take time to call a friend and catch up
  • Treat yourself – even if its just a nice coffee
  • Spend 5 minutes doing some deep breathing to relax

Katie is a Mum, Yogi, and Hot Yoga Teacher – pictures taken from her Instagram page

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