Why You Need to Incorporate Salmon Into Your Diet Now

With Dr Perricone’s diet deeply embedded into anti-ageing culture since 2005 salmon has been the must-have superfood ever since. He boasts the diet aid in; clearing blemishes and marks, decreasing wrinkles and provide a glowing complexion. With a diet largely predicated on salmon, the benefits of incorporating the fish into your diet are significant.

For Dr. Perricone, a board-certified dermatologist, to include salmon in at least one meal a day must mean it’s pretty special.

The oily fish includes:

  • Long chain omega-3 essential fatty acids, which inhibit inflammation and helps keep skin looking young, decreases fine lines, sagging and puffiness.
  • Carotenoid, and asthasaxyin, powerful antioxidants which greatly reduce the effect of free radical damage.
  • A lengthy list of vitamins, including; D, b12, b3, biotin , potassium and selenium.
  • Heaps of Protein (20g per 100g)

Salmon is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so the concept behind Perricone’s diet is simple. Chronic inflammation is the main perpetrator of age-related diseases and since food causes inflammation, food can also reduce inflammation and regress the signs of ageing. Madonna can vouch for this one, the self-proclaimed advocate of the Salmon detox, with an unbelievably youthful face as living proof the oily fish works, or at least helps, as this is one of the many elements in Madonna’s anti-ageing routine.

Victoria Beckham is another advocate, explaining salmon is one of her secrets for glowing skin, including it in her diet regularly, after her dermatologist, Dr Harold Lancer explains “You have to eat salmon every single day”.

The high protein content in salmon means It can be substituted in place of other meats, most of which have higher saturated fats and possess none of the anti-inflammatory benefits of salmon, or even come close to the amount of nutrients. So it’s an unbelievably beneficial food to incorporate into your diet, even if it isn’t every day as Perricone suggests.


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