Natural v Madame X : Madonna Defying The Ageing Norm

It was just a simple post from Jo Whiley promoting her interview with Madonna, but the comments turned toxic, churning up lots of criticism for how Madonna 60 is ageing. The topic that dominated was her face and how she did not look like herself anymore – too many fillers and treatments was the overall vote. We did a quick survey on Instagram and 93% preferred Jo Wiley’s ‘natural’ look. All this social media criticism is something close to Madonna’s heart. As she defiantly told the Sun in a recent interview, Madonna is fearless as ever: “I refuse to bend a knee to convention and what society expects of me as a woman.”

That’s the thing everyone is forgetting – Madonna is an artist, so creative, energetic, always reinventing herself – Madam X is a creation.

Even Madonna is affected by social media. Amid her promotional tour last week she said that she felt that Instagram “is made to make you feel bad.”

Madonna, who has more than 13.8 million followers on the social media site, said that ‘you get caught up in comparing yourself to others,’ adding that ‘people are really a slave to winning people’s approvals.’

“I was lucky enough to have a life as an artist before the phone and Instagram and social media because I did have that time to develop as an artist and a human without feeling the pressure of judgment of other people or comparing myself to other people.”

Here are some of the comments:


Jo, you look lovely, so natural and happy. I am a super Madonna fan but what the hell has she done to her face. Why can’t we just be allowed to age 😩


This picture is proof that its actually way better to age gracefully. You look so lovely in comparsion to poor Madonna ❤️


The way people just concentrate or concerned about her looks is beyond me. Let her do whatever she wants with her face. It’s hers not yours


Why do they do it , a beautiful woman who did not need all that work , her eyes look odd , cheeks too high and tight , jaw line is masculine , stop now !!! If your friends don’t tell you the truth they are not your friends , ask someone not on your pay roll or who won’t benefit from you , see who is honest x 🤞😘


Can’t wait to hear this interview! Madonna is a living legend! Such a trailblazer!! Forever the queen of pop!


You look lush @jowhiley . Madonna is such a beauty but I wish she would age more beautifully . Natural with less fillers 🙈


Blimey. English beauty versus Botched job. X


Unlike Madonna, you look better with age jo😂😂


Jo you look amazing…I love madonna but start ageing gracefully !


Can’t wait to hear. And gosh…some of the comments are just so depressing. Reference to her age and any work she may have done. It’s all so predictable….and sad.

Act and Look Like How You Want Not Society

Jo Whiley’s post reinforces the impact of social media, putting pressure on people to age naturally and making you feel bad if you age your own way and have treatment. It is pressure to show the wrinkles, have grey hair, on how to act and look age appropriate.

What Madonna represents is the freedom to develop your own style, character and age how you want to – not to be constrained by convention.

I think we should all listen to the advice she gave her daughter Lourdes to “stop being so consumed with the way you look or how people are going to compare you to me”.

By Louise Proddow


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