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Name: Julie Adams | Age: 56

Tell us a little about yourself?

I have two children aged 19 & 22 who are both at University now. I am a Beauty Therapist and also have a Network Marketing Business promoting and selling whole food health products.

Describe your health and beauty philosophy?

I’ve always been told I look young for my age and I put this down to several factors:

Genetics – my parents had great skin and bone structure, plus were both slim until their late 70’s, and we always had healthy food on the table.  

Exercise – always being out in the fresh air and not in front of the TV.  Constant fresh oxygen being pumped around the body, renewing, repairing and refreshing the cells, has to be good.

Diet – I’ve never been terribly overweight, I think the most I’ve ever put on was half a stone excess when I was pregnant the second time.  I quickly lost this once I started breastfeeding.  Now if I put on a few pounds I actually feel uncomfortable and sluggish:, I just don’t like feeling unhealthy!

Skin Products – I love these! I have always used creams for my face and body and had an interest in skincare and health.  I remember using face cream from an early age and my friends thinking I was weird! I don’t buy excessively expensive products as I don’t think you need to although I have tried a few in the past.  I also exfoliate regularly on my face and body, and use a moisturiser on my body after every shower. 

What lifestyle habits are most important to you?

I’ve always been aware of skincare, health and exercise and cannot remember a time when I was not exercising in some form or another! I started horse riding from a very young age and had my first horse at 17, followed by three more.  I was always running everywhere too apparently – according to my Mum, I never sat still. With two older brothers, I was a total tomboy and would be out on my bike or playing football or climbing trees till it was dark and time to come in!  I think it’s a dreadful shame nowadays that children hardly ever experience these things, they seem to be stuck with their head in a screen in virtual worlds.  This can’t be good for their natural development and creativity, plus their social skills must be lacking if they don’t have interaction with others.

I love physical activity and have a varied life.  I do Yoga, Cycling, Weight Training, dog walking and also started running again and am preparing for a 5k at the moment.  I used to run a lot more, but I think it took its toll on my joints as I have a family history of dodgy knees so I have to be careful of that! I also have to be careful with my lower back, following an operation a couple of years ago. 

Have you ever undergone cosmetic surgery?

I had breast surgery when I was 42 and I’ve always been really pleased with this.  I had always loved my breasts! A lot of women don’t like theirs but I was always happy with the size of mine, which were a C/D cup. Once I had breastfed two babies, even though it was just for a few months, they just lost volume and I was not happy or confident in the way I looked so I decided to have the surgery.  I have never regretted it and would support other women to have surgery if they are really unhappy with their looks.  I basically asked my surgeon to replace what had been lost: I did not wish to be any bigger, just to replace the volume as they were. 

However, I have to say that I would also encourage women to wait until after they have had children to do this as your body changes so much as you age.  I also feel young girls are heavily influenced by social media, pop stars etc to looking ‘perfect’ and no-one is perfect! I think anyone who is considering surgery should think about it carefully and the long-term results and effects, it’s a big decision.

How about injectibles?

I’ve had a few Botox injections and fillers over the years.  I have Botox in my forehead and crows feet about twice a year just to keep them softened.  I like my wrinkles when I smile and I don’t want to lose that so I have the minimum amount.  I have also had fillers for my nasolabial lines and some on my upper lip, again just twice a year and the minimum amount to keep these soft. I have also had a course of Derma Roller on my face, which is great for plumping and rejuvenating the skin.

My philosophy is to just gradually have small treatments to keep the skin looking healthy and fresh.  If you use these treatments carefully and don’t overdue anything then its the best way to stay looking the best you can for your age!

Is there anything you wish you had done or not done in the past, that impacts how you feel today?

No! I had always hated my nose and thought about surgery since a teenager, as I was teased about it being pointy. I am actually glad I didn’t go ahead now, and have just come to accept that its part of me and I would probably look weird if it was any other way.  I think this is a positive part of ageing also, just to accept who you are and not listen to others opinions, which are usually a reflection of their own insecurities anyway.

Who is your pro ageing icon?

Helen Mirren.  I just love how she is so super happy in her own skin and radiates sex appeal! Nothing is sexier than a happy and confident woman!

Do you find any part of maturing tough?

I actually appreciate getting older now and how I have gained confidence and maturity.  There is an acceptance period, which I found hard at first.  Seeing those lines get deeper, the skin on my body that is not so firm now, and some aches and pains which were not there before! But I love and respect my body very much now.  It’s taken care of me and dealt with everything I’ve thrown at it all these years.  I’ve not had a serious illness and I’m working hard to make sure I don’t get one by providing it with the best nutrition and trying to stick to all the rules of good health.  

What beauty routine do you follow?

I always cleanse and moisturise my face morning and evening.  I occasionally use a toner, but actually prefer splashing cold water on my face especially in the morning and around my eyes as they can be slightly puffy when I wake up. I also use a very gentle makeup remover for my eyes and eye cream morning and evening.  I use an eye cream in the morning from Dermalogica as it has light reflecting particles and also an SPF and I’ve found its a great one for daytime. I then use a richer eye cream at night from Khiels for moisturising and repair overnight.  I also have a variety of masks that I use weekly according to what I think my skin needs at that time, rehydration, moisturising, repair etc.  Plus I ALWAYS exfoliate at least twice a week but only with a very gentle one, I am using a gel that contains AHAs at the moment so it just gently melts the dead skin away. I have sensitive skin and at my age it will be thinner so I don’t like to use a harsh scrub or it just irritates my skin.

Tell us about your must-have product or range?

I had a back operation two years ago to remove a cyst that was pressing on my sciatic nerve.  It was awfully painful and I was on a cocktail of heavy drugs for pain relief, which didn’t work very well and made me feel sick most of the time. I was on them for a year while waiting for an operation.

After my back operation, I was in a very low place. I’d had a year of strong drugs and pain prior to it, then had the operation and my body was trying to recover from that.  I had put on weight, was lethargic and depressed.  I had been unable to exercise properly for over a year so I had muscle wastage and felt awful.  My digestion was poor and I was unable to sleep due to financial problems, as I couldn’t work during this time.  It was a downward spiral.  During this time I had noticed a friend of mine posting on Facebook about Juice Plus and the business she had joined and I was intrigued.  I met with her a couple of times and by now was desperate to kick start my life again. 

After taking the products for 2-3 weeks the first thing I noticed was that I woke up one morning and realised I had slept all night – something I had not done for over a year. I also had more energy so decided to get back to the gym and started to exercise regularly.  I started to lose weight and feel amazing and my energy levels kept rising! From then on it was a snowball effect and I just felt better and better.  So I joined her team to sell the products myself as I could do it all from home on social media.  I gained three promotions one after the other with my business, and it’s got better from there! I have built a team and love helping others on their way back to health with weight loss and motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

Where’s your go-to place to relax?

For relaxation I use Yoga and Meditation.  Nothing is better for grounding the soul and clearing your mind of all the ‘monkey chatter’.  I also read some great self-development books such as The Secret, The Power, Girl Code, Fearless and Fabulous, and listen to audio from Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins.  All these people have a positive mental attitude and I believe this goes a long way to looking and feeling your best inside and out!

What’s your best tip for ageing well?

Be happy, be kind, be yourself.

Julie Adams can be contacted at http://ja27869.juiceplus.com/gb/en

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