My Midlife Light Bulb Moment When I Decided to Get My Health Back – Colette Pienaar

I realised over the years that I love working with women. Seeing their confidence grow as they get their lives back has been the thing that makes it all worthwhile. The programs that I have developed have helped to transform the lives of so many people. The formula I use as part of my Goddess Academy programs today is proven, effective and produces results that can be maintained long term.

I know this because I have done it myself. I know exactly what it takes to get your life under control, to feed your body and mind so that you are able to function and show up with purpose.

About 5 years ago now I can remember looking at holiday photos of our time in Antigua. We had such an amazing holiday and I really felt rested when I got back. Then I started looking at the photos. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The person reflected back looked tired, overweight and old. OMG, that was me. I felt like I was ageing before my time and it scared me. I realised that this happened because I had thrown all my energy and focus into building my business and lost sight of a very important thing. Me. 

Midlife Light Bulb Moment

This light bulb moment is where I decided that I had to get my health back and start looking after myself better. I had to take care of this so that I could show up in life. I had the hard-knock that rocked my confidence and can help other women avoid making the same mistakes. When I took care of this there began a massive life-changing transformation in more than one area of my life, which was the most exciting place to be.

As a result, I now work with female business owners who are serious about making changes to the way they treat themselves. I believe the world will be a happier, kinder place when this happens because the way we treat others is symptomatic of the way we treat ourselves.

The Goddess Academy

I’ve realised that the first step is to find the path between the heart and the mind. I have created The Goddess Academy specifically to enable women to find the open road to travel between these two fundamental things.

This is where we find balance and create a happier more grounded and connected GODDESS. Someone who looks after the machine driving her forward,  herself. Once we get that right everything else is up-levelled as a result.

The reason we decided to do something together is simply that we all have a deep desire to help women up-level themselves, no matter their age or clothing size. It is very easy to just accept ageing as your lot and fall into the middle age bracket and simply let go. We blame weight gain on ‘hormones’ and feeling low and sluggish on ‘the ageing process’. Well we are here to say not on our watch! We have over 50 years of combined experience and have put together a fabulous workshop where we will explore the things we can easily do to look and feel better about ourselves.

The BOSS GIRLS Transformation Workshop

We are holding our first Transformation Event on Sunday the 22nd September 2019 and would like to extend an invitation to you.

The Workshop will leave you ‘The Grown-Up Woman’ feeling inspired and invigorated. Not only will you learn how to take care of your personal presentation to the world but you will meet other women who share the same vision and that is to be the best they can possibly be.  

There will be an opportunity to jump into our Transformation Package and see massive changes that are sustainable and so much fun. The results will be simply put transformational. We will be offering a discounted package price to women who attend the event and want to take the next steps.

The BOSS GIRLS Transformation Workshop is on the 22nd September 19

At The Dairy Barn, Ripley

11:00am – 3:00pm

Tickets available here:

Currently at £97 as an early bird offer, but will be increasing to £197 come the end of August.

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