My ‘Coregasm’ Experience At The Gym & Yoga

10% of us will experience one!

So I’ve a confession to make… I’ve had an orgasm at the gym. It was completely unexpected and happened by accident on my exercise mat as I was innocently crunching my abs. It’s not as if I seduced the PT or did anything naughty – it just kind of happened all on its own, and I just carried on as if nothing had happened with a big smile!

That was a few years ago, a distant memory until last week, I was at hot yoga doing the half moon pose when I could feel a tingle down below as I locked my legs and pushed my hips strongly towards the mirror – even describing it makes me think all fifty shades of grey, but holy moly it was a shock and got me thinking…

Is it normal to get all hot ‘n’ horny during exercise?

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I discovered I’m not alone, according to sex expert Debby Herbenick Ph.D. the ‘corergasm’ is something we can all experience. After five years research on the subject, she found 10% of all people, men and women of all ages and fitness levels had experienced an orgasm while exercising. Even with a woman of 70, delighted to find this happening to her for the first time in the gym.

So this got me interested in why it happens, maybe I could learn something about arousal that was useful in those drier bedroom moments if you know what I mean!

Although not everyone is going to experience this, the percentages are quite high, with one study surveying 530 women on their experiences with exercise-induced sexual pleasure and orgasm. Forty-six percent of the women reported arousal during exercise while twenty-three percent of them said they’d had a full-blown orgasm during a sweat session.

So what are the factors which bring on a coregasm, how can you make one happen?

Raising the temperature

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It’s more likely to happen when you raise the body temperature first. The reason they frequently occur in a hot and steamy class, hot yoga or after doing at 20 minutes cardio. Studies show that raising your body temperature before working your core is more likely to induce the ‘coregasm’. So if you start with an intense cardio session and then go to a challenging core workout is the best way to encourage it.


Beginner’s luck

An image of a middle aged woman experiencing a coregasm after working out in the gym.

This could be another motivator for taking up exercise, as those new to working out are much more likely to experience once as your muscles are not used to being trained, compared to a seasoned gym goer who can complete hundreds of sit-ups before reaching fatigue.

Body takeover

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The wonderful thing about the coregasm is that your body takes over and the sensation is purely based on what is happening with your muscles. It seems to take away one of the classic female frustrations of getting aroused, this is one time when your mind does not need to get seduced first.

Best exercises

An image of a mature woman doing sit ups in the gym.

Certain exercises that focus on the core and pelvic muscles are more likely to get you aroused. Sit ups and crunches are the classic, where you brace your core and use your abs to bring you up. Another good one is the Captain’s chair, the upright gym machine when your arms are on the padded sides and your legs dangle down. There are some other experiences in the gym and yoga moves that either create friction or tension in those areas – but I’m sure you know you can work out what they are.

Everyone’s different

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The amazing thing to me, that shows another positive benefit of exercise that you really get in touch with your muscles and core. These hot and horny feelings are not about G spots and expensive meals out, they are because you’re in touch with your body in a healthy way. But everyone is different and however much fun you have in the gym, there are many ways to get aroused!

Have you ever experienced a ‘coregasm‘ while working out? Let us know in the comments below!


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