Menopause & HRT: The Truth Behind The Taboo

Menopause & HRT

Dr. Louse Newson takes us through the key symptoms of Menopause, what are the health risks, and lots of questions about HRT.  Want to know something specific? Click on the links below:


1. What is the menopause (00:34)
2. What are the symptoms of the menopause? (01:10)
3. How do you diagnose the menopause? (03:25)
4. How long does the menopause last for? (04:14)
5. What is the perimenopause? (05:02)
6. How common is early menopause (5:51)
7. What are the health risks of the menopause? (07:25)
8. Does the menopause cause vaginal dryness? (08:36)
9. What are the symptoms of vaginal dryness? (10:12)
10. What treatments for vaginal dryness are available? (11:48)
11. What are the benefits of HRT? (14:03)
12. What are the guidlines for HRT and the menopause? (16:25)
13. What is HRT made from? (16:58)
14. How long should you take HRT for? (17:37)
15. Do we need testosterone? (18:44)
16. What are the risks of HRT? (19:56)
17. Does HRT have an impact on weight (23:17)
18. Are there alternatives to HRT? (24:27)
19. What is bioidentical HRT? (26:36)
20. How does the menopause impact work? (28:02)

We’d like to thank Dr. Louise Newson:

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