Menopause Cafes: Breaking Down The Taboo

As you may know, at Rejuvage we are great believers in the power of conversation when it comes to the Menopause. Too many women can feel worried about talking about it, afraid of the way people will think of them or treat them.

For many of our mothers and grandmothers, it was just something that was dealt with privately and never discussed. There was a time when the woman’s body, with all its bleeding, misbehaving and changing was seen as a source of shame. Even from our first period, all the strange things a woman’s body does has been a difficult topic throughout our lives. But our bodies can do amazing things, and the female body demands respect for all it goes through!

Over the past couple of years, we have seen celebrities speak out about going through the Menopause, from Emma Thompson, to Kate Garraway, and even Angelina Jolie who was forced into early menopause following a double mastectomy and oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries). A movement is happening, and it’s not just the celebrities – it’s moving onto the streets with the ‘Menopause Café’ initiative.

Menopause Cafes 

‘Menopause Cafés’ have started springing up across the country, set up by various people wishing to break down the taboo and invite open discussion. Andrea Davis, an academic at Leicester University, who has been an advocate of a change in attitude towards the Menopause in the workplace, set one up at her work. She and her co-workers would meet over cake and talk all things menopause, sharing their experiences on hot flushes, dry vaginas, HRT and whatever symptoms they were experiencing.

Menopause Cafe – South Wales – 9th September

University of Leicester – Menopause Cafes

Menopause Cafe – Ipswich

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The ‘Menopause Cafés’ help give these women a sense of wellbeing and combat any isolation the woman can feel going through this time alone. The silence that surrounds the menopause can add even more distress to an already stressful time. Instead, these gatherings leave women with a strong sense of “Thank god it’s not just me!”.

It’s not just menopausal women attending these gatherings – they welcome people of all ages and genders to break down the taboo and learn about what their partners, mothers, or friends are going through.

As advocates of talking about the Menopause, we loved hearing about this movement. May the open discussion of the menopause continue!

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Find out more about The Menopause Café, and how you can set up your own gathering: 

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