Maggie Mary, 69 – Keeping Childish Spirit Alive

“OMG you’re like a little girl that has never grown”

We were all children once, running around the garden doing headstands, skipping down the road. Well, I was. But now I look around my friends and family with their hectic stressful lives and see so much stress and seriousness. People laugh at my child like spirit. I want to make sure I don’t lose it because everyone is so caught in daily life.

As we get older we start living according to those around us and not what we desire or want. Modern society, the rational grown up with a career and mortgages all take over. I see it in my own children. Phone calls from my children are all about mortgage, marriage and money, whereas my head fills with childhood memories. But from time to time we all need to tap into our inner child and behave rebelliously and spontaneously

How I Embrace My Inner Child

  • Getting excited – Everyone says I get excited about simple things. If I see a swing I go on it – I don’t do it for attention but because I love the feeling.
  • A free spirit – I can’t bear authority and I keep true to my spirit.
  • Pushing boundaries – I like to get away with things and always see how far I can push them.
  • Positive feelings – Act on a positive feeling. I decide what I do by feeling rather than logic.
  • Allowing myself to be helpless – I am honest when I need emotional support and help. If I get anxiety I will tell people around them and hold their hands.
  • Playing games
  • Keep active – boxing, yoga, daily walking – Like everyone sometimes I lose my motivation, but then I always give my self a kick and get back to classes.
  • Detox for self-love – I can see my body changing, but the power of regular detoxes gives me a boost and I love meeting new like-minded people when away.
  • Be spontaneous – when I am walking in the park I just start skipping
  • Enjoy simple things – I love ice cream in winter in Hyde Park
  • Giggle at myself
  • My own haven – love curling up in bed. My bedroom is my haven, like a teenage den. Go to bed early. My bedroom is my sanctuary and I do have a teddy bear!
  • Take risks – I forget the fear and just let go.
  • Travelle alone
  • Open up to strangers – I know we are always telling our children not to but I love to banter openly with people.
  • Express my feeling – do not hold things in, express how you feel!
  • Love children – Spend time with grandchildren and copy them, be the first on the swings with them.
  • Love surprises –I am still a romantic at heart and love a surprise however small it’s the thought that counts not the cost.

Sometimes we forget what we were like as children and push this aside – our hobbies, talents, inhibitions. Sometimes going back to that state adds new energy and care free spirit to life – and that’s why I never want to grow up even when I am 70 next year!


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