Lockdown Makeovers – the Top Home Treatments

While my daughter has used this as an opportunity to see what she looked like with bleached eyebrows, I have been embracing the stay at home relaxed vibe about my appearance. However, home beauty treatments are booming in lockdown. Online beauty sales have risen  by 140% and Google searches for DIY beauty treatments have quadrupled. DIY beauty makeovers are helping us feel good about ourselves and liven up the boredom are the new normal. Plus there is a lot of inspiration from our friends and on social media right now.

Cult Beauty compared the number of UK Google searches in March and April 2019 to March and April 2020 to reveal the most popular DIY beauty searches during social-distancing:


Lockdown is a good time to embrace the real you, but a few little home DIY treatments can help you feel like the best version of yourself. Here are some of our top tips:

Embrace The Grey

Silver sisters are rocking the lockdown and it is not just the mid-lifers! Lady Gaga and Rihanna set the trend so grey hair is cool and not old. Plus it saves on hair dye and lockdown is the perfect time for the grey to fade in naturally.

Hair Colour

Brighten up your day with a bit of colour. From 9 to 90 there are no rules anymore and it does not have to be permanent there are some great vegan temporary hair dyes as Fifty sister shows us:

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I’ve been hitting the bottle again today. Don’t panic! It’s the same temporary vegan hair colour I’ve used before. Instead of adding it straight out of the bottle I’ve mixed it with my shampoo for a softer effect. It will wash out within 1 week, quicker if its sunny which it should be for the rest of the week. My sister sent me a recipe for dandelion honey yesterday. I was intrigued but not convinced it would be a successful experiment. Seb jumped over a high wall and collected lots of flowers for me from a meadow next to Churston Woods. I could have jumped over but didn’t rate my chances climbing back as I don’t have his Spiderman climbing skills. I’ve been getting a bit frustrated lately, I just can’t help it. I hear so many people talking about supporting the NHS by staying home or clapping once a week but they still smoke or are grossly overweight. They don’t consider or appreciate, the additional load their poor choices or lack of care places on the NHS. I struggled with my weight all my life and never gave my body the care and attention it craved. It eventually crashed and it was only then I realised how stress and neglect was affecting my body. My life chasing the next goal was taking me closer and quicker to my grave. The only goal I want to achieve now, is to wake up other mid-lifers up to the long terms effects of their current lifestyle and diet. If I can do it, anyone can. What inspires you to make positive changes? #vegan #plantbased #aging #healthyaging #violethair #purplehair #over50 #over50style #maturebeauty #matureskin #maturemakeup #50plus #healthyeating #midlife #middleaged #wellbeing #fitover50 #over40style #silverbraids #braids #maturehairstyle #over50hairstyle #silverhair #olderwoman #ageing #ageingwell #agingwell #aginggracefully #crueltyfree #selfcare

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Make Up

With this being mental health week it seems only right to mention the positive benefits of wearing and experimenting with makeup in lockdown. A new study from Boots No 7 revealed that 80 percent of British women are more likely to feel good about themselves if they wear make-up during lockdown. 52 per cent of British women have changed their beauty essentials over the last few weeks,. Moisturiser, cleanser and hand cream are the top three trusted must-have beauty items.


There has never been a more important time for eyebrows, especially when wearing a mask. All eyes are on your eyes, so the first thing to do is keep them plucked and well groomed so they do not get too bushy and trim the long hairs. Try to keep the natural shape and if you want to add colour you can stick with a eyebrow pencil or an easy to apply home tint like the L’Oreal brow artist set.

Looking good is good for your mental health!

‘Self-care and nurture are vital for our well-being, since showing our body some TLC reminds us we are valued and adored,’ says psychotherapist Lucy Beresford. ‘Skincare and make-up can play a pivotal role in normalising our daily routine and boosting our mood during this period of turbulence or uncertainty.’


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