The Ultimate Master Detox: My Experience and Weight Loss at Lifeco

After a couple of days, you can feel the power of the detox flooding nutrients into your body and after six days retreat at Lifeco in Turkey I became a total detox advocate. Detox has the power to help people with brain injury, stress, obesity and cancer recovery as I saw it with my own eyes.

A detox is not easy, but the programme at LifeCo is so well planned that I did not feel hungry or experience the headaches and energy dips some people get. For me, the experience was about more than physical. As the body starts to heal, detoxification moves onto a mental and emotional level and can be a spiritual experience too.  It removes toxic accumulations that are everywhere. A detox gives your body the time and nutrients to repair itself.

I think in midlife detoxes are even more valuable than before as they are a great way to boost the slower midlife metabolism!

So, what does a detox at LifeCo involve? Here are some insights based on my experiences of what can only be described as one of the most intensive detoxes you can have.

You start your stay with a personalised consultation to discuss your programme and the extra treatments available. The Master Detox daily programme was intense and kept you very busy but many of the elements you could do on a home programme. Below is a typical day:

Detox – Daily Nutrition and Juices

06.30 – Wake

08.00 – Shake

09.30 – Herbs and Wheat Grass juice, which balances blood sugar, boosts B17 vitamin to kill viruses.

11.00 – Shake

12.30 – Herbs and Himalayan Salt

14.00 – Shake

15.30 – Herbs and Wheat Grass

17.00 – Shake

18.30 – Herbs

20.00- Shake

21.30 – Herbs & Probiotics

Clear broth (always available)

The juices were delicious and mainly packed with vegetables to minimise the sugar content. Supplements include psyllium husks (to help fill you up), spirulina, kelp, nettle (which speeds up your metabolism), multivitamins and minerals, probiotics and a range of spices to support the release of toxins.


Daily Treatments Activities

– Stretch & Walk (60mins)

– Aqua (30mins)

– Yoga (90mins)

– Colema/Colonic (30-40 mins)

– Bootcamp

  • Light therapy (20 mins)
  • Oxygen therapy (20mins)
  • Infrared sauna (30mins)
  • Steam room (10 mins)

-Vibration plate (10 min x 3)

-Body Brushing (in the shower)

The range of treatments are designed to stimulate weight loss and the removal of toxins in the body, complimenting the detox juices. I also enjoyed some deep tissue massages with some of the firmest hands I have ever experienced.

Thanks to their holistic system of green juices, fibre, vitamin boosts, yoga, hikes and lots of other treatments I shed 10 pounds. But this was just was an added bonus to how I felt – I was actually buzzing with energy, health and wellness when I returned.



Before and After Lifeco

Before and After



Unfortunately, it is hard to keep hold of that feeling when reality kicks in. Yes, some of the weight loss was water weight, which went back on, but the detox did reinforce the benefits of being healthy.

Detoxing has been part of my life for a long time, but this is the best experience I have ever had after one. I loved it so much I am planning a Rejuvage detox trip to Turkey in the New Year so if you’re interested in joining me let me know!

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