Life in Lockdown: Over 60’s Most Active but Wellbeing Is Being Affected

Sometimes we look at our Instagram feed and it seems like everyone has gone exercise mad during lockdown, or are doing a massive clear-out of their house! However, recent studies into peoples habits have shown that there is a wide range of approaches to coping with lockdown, but over 60’s are the ones who seem to be coping best.

Over 60’s Coping Best with Lockdown

It may be due to the fact that they’re one of the most high risk groups, but the study from UCL shows they proving to be the ones most complying with the lockdown rules, as well as exercising more than younger age groups.

Those over 60 also reported a higher level of “life satisfaction” in the survey of over 60,000 people in the UK. They were reporting an average of 6.5 out of 10, whereas 16-24 year olds were at 4.5. Loneliness is also affecting older people less than younger people.

When it comes to exercise, over 60’s are again beating younger people, with 43% spending more than 30 minutes a day exercising. Only 32% on average in other age groups are doing the same. 39% of all respondents were doing no exercise at all!

Mental Health and Wellbeing is Being Affected

Another study by Kings College London of 2,250 people found that half of people (49%) have been feeling more anxious or depressed than normal as a result of the virus. 38% have slept less well than normal, and 35% have eaten more food or less healthy food than they usually do. As we know, lack of exercise, sleep and not eating well are all big factors in feeding anxiety and depression, so the changes in our habits could be making our mental health worse.

Many of us are also turning to alcohol, with 19% drinking more than they usually do. And what affect is all of this having on our household? 19% of us are arguing with our family or housemates more than we normally do.

But its not all bad news..

When it comes to community support, we are all seeing an increase in help from our neighbours. We’ve all seen the many posts every Thursday as we #clapforourcarers and there are so many viral videos of acts of kindness during the pandemic from across the world. In fact, 60% of us have offered to help others during lockdown. 47% percent of those asked have also received help from others, whether its shopping for food or picking up prescriptions for those most at risk. 6% of respondents also said they have signed up to volunteer for the NHS, and 11% saying they plan to sign up.
All of us are coping with the pandemic differently. Good mental health and wellness can be harder to maintain when we’re stuck indoors, finding it harder to exercise or get our own space. We are buoyed by the acts of kindess and love we are seeing in our communities, but however you are coping with lockdown, making sure you and your family are safe and well is the most important act of self care.



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