Laser Eye Surgery: How Anthea Turner Got Her Vision Back

Ever struggled to read the writing on the back of your latest face cream? Well most of us suffer from diminished eyesight as we get over 40. This is because the eye loses its ability to change shape, the process called presbyopia. We were intrigued to see Anthea Turner go off to get her vision back on some recent Instagram posts. Like everything else our eyes are being put under extra strain with Covid 19 – all those extra hours on zoom calls and looking at screens means we need to take extra care to protect them.

You can compensate for this gradual decline in eyesight with glasses and good eye care. Firstly is important that your home working environment is correct. Have good lighting so your computer screen is clear, ensure you are not too close to the screen and that the screen is not glaring at you. Take regular screen breaks and drink plenty of water.

But Anthea, who mentions losing her glasses around the house, found that corrective surgery was the way forward to correct her decline in sight – an increasingly popular option. Laser eye surgery uses the latest technology for treating short and long sightedness.  It commonly corrects short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hypermetropia), astigmatism and reading vision problems (presbyopia).

There are different types of treatment, Anthea got a personalised treatment at Oclvision The whole process looked so quick, professional and smooth. Following the pre consultation to agree the laser plan, Anthea seemed very calm and shared a bit of light chat with the consultant before going in for the procedure. The procedure takes just 10-15 minutes and isn’t painful as anaesthetic drops are used to numb the eye.

After the surgery you go in a darkened room and rest, recovery takes a few days and includes using eye drops, not rubbing your eyes, avoiding contact with water, staying away from dirt and dust and wearing sunglasses.

There is often something scary about having something done to your eyes but as Anthea says, “to be honest are more than we thought a little like my operation the fear was worse than the actuality”.


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