Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos Shows Us How To Age With Style

He’s gone through a complete transformation from his previous more bookish style from the early days of Amazon in the 90s when Bezos ran the business from a garage at a house rented in Seattle, USA.

In what many are now dubbing as ‘Swole-con Valley’, Amazon CEO looks muscular and youthful at this year’s Sun Tech Valley conference.

Our style progresses with age and Bezos is looking cool in a gilet, polo shirt and top bar sunglasses, providing a new aura of coolness brought by his updated style.

The 53-year-old looks younger than he did 20 years ago, and that’s no surprise considering Bezos’s interest with life extension, investing into start-up Unity, a Bay area company hoping to stop the ageing process.

This interest seems to be synonymous with Silicon valley billionaires, many of which invest enormous amounts of money towards tech aimed to slow, stop and reverse the ageing process.

Google co founder, Sergey Brin, Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison are amongst those who have heavily invested in anti-aging, life-prolonging technologies and research.

As well as looking towards the prospect of immortality in the future, Bezos follows a healthy lifestyle to stay his best in the present. He opts for 8 hours sleep a day, with a dislike for early morning meetings, preferring to have a healthy breakfast with his family.

Before work Bezos works out on his treadmill, although he’s clearly added resistance training to his routine, sporting a new, muscular physique.

His impressive transformation didn’t go unnoticed and sparked the imagination of the internet who have quickly turned it into a meme.

In the year Amazon stocks have soared, resulting in the CEO making over $20bn in 2017 alone, many claim his transformation-turned-meme is a metaphor for Amazon’s world domination.

With age comes coolness and style and Bezos has certainly proved this. There’s no age limit when it comes to our style and it grows and evolves with us. At 53 years of age, Bezos is looking better than ever!


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