The Rising Popularity Of Getting Inked After 50

Years ago, tattoos were mostly found only on the arms of sailors, how times have changed!  Now most celebrities have at least one! They have become ubiquitous, yet there is still a ‘badass’ feeling of wanting/owning something that’s been permanently etched onto your skin. Some women choose subtle beautiful, tiny tattoos on areas that are not on show much, behind the ear for instance.

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Or maybe a finger tattoo, a romantic gesture on your wedding ring finger, or a scripted meaningful word.

We are seeing an increase of over 50’s deciding to ‘get inked!’ maybe a rebellious side coming out, a ‘why not’ attitude to put a meaningful mark on your body or is it a midlife crisis?  Tattoos also have a great use of transforming scar’s or marks on the skin that may represent bad memories.  People who get their first tattoo’s in later life tend to want a reminder of something poignant in their lives.  A memory mark!  

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An estimated 20 million Brit’s have tattoo’s, showing a sign of increasing body security and self-confidence.  As we age we become more comfortable in our own skin and inking it expresses that confidence.

A small tattoo can still be painful especially if you are looking for an area that, hopefully, won’t wobble or wrinkle in a few years!  A sacrum, behind the ear, finger, back of the neck, wrist, ankle are a few of ‘on-trend’ tasteful areas that are fashionable at the moment.

Research has shown that women tend to opt for the more feminine discreet tattoo something decorative, for them rather than to show off, whilst men tend to opt for letters and scripts.  Tattoo establishments themselves are recognising that the market has changed and are adapting their surroundings to encourage a more diverse clientele.

Felicity Kendal had her first tattoo at 63, she now has two, and is thinking of a third one on her shoulder! She has said they are great if you avoid the wrinkly bits!

Dame Judi Dench first got inked at 81! She has ‘carpe diem’, which means ‘seize the day’ in Latin, in capital letters on her wrist. A birthday gift from her daughter!

Judy Murray waited until she was 57 to have a large statement spider on the back of her neck, a tribute to Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick.

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Dame Helen Mirren’s tattoo was one drunken night with friends many years ago, the interlocked V’s represent ‘love thy neighbour’.

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Top Tattoo Tips

Allergies. Allergic reactions can vary from person to person. Some report itchy or inflamed skin around their tattoos in the summer due to heat from the sun.“

Scarring. Scar tissue may form on the surrounding skin when getting or removing a tattoo.

Granulomas. These small knots or bumps may form around ink material because the body is trying to remove something foreign from the skin.

MRI complications. Some experience swelling or burning in the tattoo when having an MRI done. Be sure to inform the radiologist or technician so appropriate precautions can be taken.

If you think you can change your mind about your tattoo later in life, keep in mind that removal is costly, time-consuming and painful. Tattoo removal is typically done by laser treatment, which delivers short flashes of light at very high intensities to the skin to break down the tattoo ink. It requires repeat visits every several weeks and may never entirely disappear.

With all this research I would now love about 3 different tattoos!


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