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This came to me in the early hours of this morning!

I was lying there awake and feeling reflective. I asked myself – what would be the key piece of advice I would want to give someone who wants to thrive in 2019?

As I’m sure some of you know, I’m an NLP Practitioner, Executive Coach and Stress Management trainer. I also used to teach meditation. I qualified in these things before I became a PT. And my approach when coaching people was a blend of all the above.

However, for years something just didn’t gel. I couldn’t put my finger on it. There was a piece of the jigsaw missing.

And time and experience led me to understand it’s this…

We spend so much time overthinking, obsessing, being in our head. We hope to change situations by thinking them different and feel out of control and helpless.

What we don’t realise is that in life MOST of what happens is out of our control. What our boss does, the grades the kids get at school, how your mum speaks to you. Yes you can impact them, but you can’t have it all your way.

A feeling of powerlessness sets in.

Since then, personal experience and having trained thousands of men and women, I would shout this from the rooftops…

Get out of your mind and into your body.

Taking back control of your physical health will empower you. It will increase your self-respect.

Make exercise a priority. Feel the blood pump around the body. Feel strong and more energised.

Eat well more of the time.

Build a beautiful relationship with your body.

When you prove to yourself that you’re worth it, all other areas of your life will shift for the better.

THIS would be my key bit of advice for anyone who feels like they’re not in control of their life.

Put the focus on loving your body more. And do it in whatever way you can – a walk, a class, ditching sugar, cutting down on the alcohol.

And see what happens. See your confidence soar, watch how you are able to cope with stress better. Observe how much nicer you are to be around.

As 2019 looms, make it the year that you discover the power investing in your health has over your overall happiness.

We’re here if you need us…

Much love,

Claire from 38 Degrees North

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