Top 6 Healthy Easter Eggs To Try

There’s no need to miss out on Easter if you’re on a diet, whether you’re after a guilt-free hit of chocolate or simply want to join in with the family there’s no reason not to.

Healthy Easter eggs have become somewhat of a craze recently and so there’s plenty to choose from without the need to compromise on taste,  see below for our top picks!

Hotel Chocolat Hard-Boiled 100% Dark

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, which protect the body from free-radicals, the harmful molecules which cause oxidative stress.

So why not go all the way and try a 100% dark chocolate Easter egg? For those who can handle the bitterness it’s certainly a healthy option to go for, since it’s completely dark chocolate, this also means it’s vegan!

£16 from Hotel Chocolate

Waitrose Chocolate Almond Egg Selection

Waitrose offer a healthy alternative if you don’t want to opt for full out chocolate. They coat roasted almonds in milk and dark chocolate, adding a great deal of nutritional value to your eggs. Almonds are full of healthy fats, protein, fibre and vitamin E!

£3 from Ocado

Protein Chocolate Easter Egg

With three times more protein and five times less sugar than traditional supermarket Easter eggs, this is the perfect snack for a gym bunny. 100g offers a substantial 27g of protein making it a brilliant post workout snack.

£12.99 from MyProtein

Raw Orange Cream Eggs

A rich 80% raw chocolate shell filled with smooth half and half chocolate and orange cream centre. It’s vegan and all ingredients are natural. It’s sweetened with dates meaning it’s much lower in sugar than traditional Easter eggs.

£11.70 from KamAlive

Waitrose Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg

For those who can’t get enough avocado, Waitrose provide you a solution this Easter with the dark chocolate Avocado Easter Egg. The shell and stone are 70% belgian chocolate while the middle is white chocolate with a natural green colouring, providing the perfect Avocado disguise for this delicious egg.

£8.00 from Waitrose

Seed and Bean Extra Dark Chocolate Bars

For those concerned with how much plastic is used in Easter egg wrapping (and we don’t blame you!), try the award-winning organic chocolate bars from Seed and Bean. They’re ethically made and organic while the inner packaging is compostable!

£2.69 from SeedandBean

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