Top Tips To Stay Healthy At Christmas and Avoid The Middle Age Spread

‘Eat, drink and be healthy (and merry) ‘

After a year in the office embracing new healthy habits, I have to admit the festive season overindulgence has already kicked in and my willpower already seems to have disappeared. I can feel the extra pounds creeping on already. The national average that most people put on is 5lb, but even that is still disappointing as I have lost weight this year and worked out like a demon!

I do know from experience over the last few years how to enjoy the festive fun and stay healthy, so here is how I plan to do this:


Love yourself and Christmas. Use this as a time to mix and socialise not to focus on losing weight. As part of this, love yourself enough to remember you feel better if you do not over indulge and surround yourself with people you like.

Keep Hydrated

The best way to stave of the hangovers and flush out the toxins is to stay hydrated. Have a glass of water with each alcoholic drink. Do not be afraid to drink lots of water when you’re out. Avoid caffeine and try and drink a few glasses of water before you go to sleep to help digestion.

Be Active – Walk It Off

Although many gyms and workout classes are closed you can still keep active. Get outdoors and have a brisk walk to burn off the calories and enjoy the fresh air!

Workout From Home

Burn off some extra calories with the rest of the family! Why not indulge in Body coach HIIT session or yoga. Set aside 15-20 minutes a day to do something and it will make a big difference. And why not go retro – I am planning on doing the Cindy Crawford workout with my daughter!

Embrace Moderation

Do you really need that extra mince pie or glass of wine even when you’re feeling full or a little tipsy?

Avoid Arriving Hungry

The worse mistake heading to a party with lots of nibbles and drinks when you are starving hungry. This can only have one outcome – too many calories consumed on unhealthy snacks.

Make Healthy Menu Choices

Try and fill your plate with lots of protein like salmon and turkey, together with seasonal vegetables. Avoid all the heavy sauces and pastry as these are a disaster for the waistline!

Start Your Day With Positive Intentions

Starting your day with lemon water or a spoon of apple cider vinegar in your water helps flush out unwanted toxins and gives a positive healthy start to the day. Even if you get off track, it encourages you to start again the next day.

And let’s face it a little bit of self-control and self-love now will make the new year feel a lot better. You can still enjoy this time of year and burn of some calories – a country walk with family and friends can be a lot more fun than being stuck inside on the sofa eating yet more chocolate – honest!


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