Hair Today – Covid Tomorrow: Hair Tips from a Hairdresser

We are all so used to phoning our salon or home hairdresser and booking an appointment whenever we wish.  Obviously, the current climate has prohibited this, so how are we all coping with the inevitable hair growth, tinted roots/ or highlights growing out or just a need for a change?

Of course, there are the ‘over the counter’ options of home dye, the blunt kitchen scissors or even clippers in the most drastic state. However, although we all think, ‘I could do that, it’s easy’ these guys have trained for years and normally have a wealth of experience under their belt.  Not to mention an array of colours, peroxide strengths, brands etc. to choose from.

Some are lucky enough to have their stylists on speed dial and can ask the all important question of which colour shade should you chose from the chemist. That’s all well and good but the colours that are bought over the counter do differ slightly from the professional ones.  Also there is the issue of ‘who can reach the back of their head to apply?’. Have you ever watched the application carefully? or have you been too engrossed in your chat, busy on your phone or trying to catch up on a few much needed 5 minutes with your eyes clothes

Healthy hair is happy hair

So rather than opt for the ‘colour it myself’ attitude why not take a step back. Firstly you are on lock down, either with your immediate family or alone, so do you need to colour your hair? Can you get away with a bright scarf? or a cleverly worked ‘up do’ which disguises your roots?

Or a cleverly worked ‘up do’ which disguises your roots?

It may be a good opportunity to let your hair have some time out and recover from all the hair dye we have been applying for years. 

If you don’t fancy having to look at your roots, there are some options on the market for hair mascaras root touch up sprays, or coloured dry shampoo.


If you really can’t wait and want to dye your hair at home, the brand I would recommend as a hair dresser is L’Oreal Excellence range. They do an assortment of colours. You must remember that number 10 is blonde and black is number 1. My advice would be to go one shade lighter than your own colour, for example if you think you are a light brown, I would tend to go for a number 7 (or get two boxes and mix them i.e 6 and 7 and use half a tube of each and one of the developers).  But it’s important to be cautious and careful

To try and keep your colour lasting as long as possible:

  • Avoid washing your hair too often, even highlighted hair, as it will cause colour fade.
  • Keep it out of the sun – put a hat on!

Cutting your fringe at home

If needs must and a trendy clip isn’t rocking it for you, then rather than blunt cutting your fringe with the kitchen scissors its best to slightly chip into it. Practice on a piece of kitchen roll first. Point the scissors upwards and gently nibble a few of the ends off of the fringe. Do it slowly and a small amount at a time rather than going for the harsh straight across look that leads you to walking around with your eyebrows raised to the ceiling for a few weeks!

Accept your hair

At the end of the day your hair, although important to you, isn’t the most important thing going on in the world right now!  So have fun with it, experiment with clips, scarves, sprays and hats.  When we come out the other side all of us hairdressers are going to be pretty busy with the backlog of colouring and styling, the last thing we need is a column full of hair corrections!!

Maybe if there is a way for you to reach out to your stylist whilst in quarantine, they should be able to offer you Covid-hair tips themselves, or at least know that they will be supported when we are out of this current situation.  Remember we all rely on each other.






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