French Author’s Outrageous Body Shaming of Women Over 50

French writer Yann Moix has opened up a can of worms all over himself for a statement he made about women over 50. When discussing his preferences, he declared:

“I prefer younger women’s bodies, that’s all. End of. The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary. The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.”

He also went on to say that he was ‘incapable’ of loving a woman over 50, commenting: ‘That’s not possible… too, too old”. He even said they were invisible to him.

Everyone has their own preferences and tastes and over 50’s women are certainly not weeping that they missed the chance to date this “catch”. But body shaming women over 50 in such a way has sparked outrage on Twitter amongst women and men.

Marina Foïs, a French comedian, sent a tweet saying she is about to turn 49 and she only has “one year and 14 days” left to sleep with the author. Lizzie Cundy was interviewed on GMB and was disgusted by his comments, mentioning how incredible Liz Hurley, Elle McPherson, Kylie look over 50! French MP Olivia Gregoire of the ruling La République en Marche party tweeted: “Very classy Yann Moix. Very very classy. But like stupidity and vulgarity, which have no age … it’s reassuring in his case as I doubt many women want [these qualities] anyway.”

We Are Not Invisible

Clearly, he has enraged many people on social media and beyond. It certainly sparked interesting debate, and he has since refused to apologise saying they are just his tastes!

The good news is, with all the backlash he sparked, he proves that women over 50 are not invisible. People have been posting affirming tweets about their own relationships, and posting pictures of women who look gorgeous over 50. Despite what he says, the backlash has proved that women can look good at every age!

Besides, we think he looks old for his age anyway!




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