Dressing For A First Date – Top Tips From A Stylist

However many times in your life you’ve done it, dressing for that crucial first date can cause a lot of anxiety. And understandably so! According to one survey of 2,360 people currently in relationships, a whopping 92% said they remembered what their partner was wearing when they first met and for 69 per cent of men and 64 percent of women it had an impact on how much they were attracted to them.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you make a great first impression.

1. Dress for the occasion

Dinner? pub lunch? country walk? You need to dress in a style that is appropriate to the venue as well as fitting with your own style personality.

2. Keep it fairly simple

A first date is not the occasion for wild fashion statements – unless this is absolutely integral to who you are. Go for something current, flattering and relatively understated.

3. Don’t buy a whole new outfit

Shopping for a new outfit is likely to put you under too much pressure and you may end up with something that’s not really “you” and then you just won’t feel comfortable. Why not wear a favourite outfit you know you look good in? This will also  ensure that you don’t run the risk of a “wardrobe malfunction”. After all, a first date is not the time you want to find out that your skirt rides up uncomfortably high when you sit down or that your neckline gapes when you lean forward.

4. Wear make-up, but go easy

Men may claim to prefer women who don’t wear make-up but, the truth is, they often simply don’t realise that attractive women are wearing it. I guarantee that unless you are a woman of extraordinary natural beauty (and how many of us can claim that?), you will look better wearing a little make-up.

5. Wear heels

Unless you’re particularly tall and fear towering above your date or are going to be doing something very active, wear the highest heels you can comfortably walk in.

6. Wear red!

In the survey, 27% of men rated red as the most attractive colour a woman could wear. The good news is that there’s a shade of red to suit everyone. A colour analysis will show you which is your best, along with a whole host of other colours you’ll look fabulous in.

If you’d like to understand more about the types of clothes and colours that will help you look and feel fabulous and help get you that second date, why not invest in some personalised colour and style advice.

Nicola Davis is a multi-award-winning personal stylist and colour consultant offering individual colour and style consultations and group workshops.


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