Dr Marion Gluck: Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormones (BHRT)

Like many women I have been a little cautious about trying Bio-identical hormones in the past as I was influenced by rumours they where unregulated and not as effective as HRT.

Meeting Dr Marion Gluck gave me an interesting perspective that spanned over three decades and demonstrated the effectiveness of BHRT. In fact, it’s now preferred by many women who have tried both. With so much caution around the risks of HRT and breast cancer, BHRT also has no increased in the risk of cancer when oestrogens are used with natural progesterone. Here are some of the highlights from Marion.

About Dr Marion Gluck

She is German and Australian with 2 medical degrees and a special anniversary this November – she will have been a Doctor for 40 years! She has always been interested in complimentary medicine, looking into things like nutrition and psychology . She likes to do things a little different and in the 90s women started to come to her because women wanted to get off HRT. This was the start.

Is HRT good?

HRT is good because it is a preventative medicine that reduces heart disease and other diseases, but you are giving drugs that not identical to the hormones in your body. BHRT, however, replicates your bodies hormones.

What Are Bio Identical Hormones?

These are hormones that are structured identically to our bodies so that the body recognises them. These hormones are converted through a chemical process from plants, the soya bean and Mexican yam.

How Can Bio-identical Hormones Be Produced? 

What Is The Process For Prescribing BHRT?

Firstly you find out about the persons history, the family history and the complaints they have to provide the base line. Then the next stage is to have a blood test. Then she recommends a pelvic scan/ultrasound to look at the lining of the uterus. The more information you have the more bespoke the BHRT is.

Is BHRT Regulated?

The doctors prescribing BHRT are experts and the hormones are produced in a state of the art pharmacy by expert pharmacists that are regulated.

When doctors prescribe HRT it is always with a fixed dose, when in reality the need could vary from person to person. BHRT doctors measure the hormone levels in their patients which means it is more customised to the individual.

One of the things that came up in the after event discussion was the cost of BHRT. As this is a more comprehensive type hormone replacement the price of treatment is higher than traditional HRT.

It was enlightening to hear the truth about BHRT. Marion was so informative and has helped a lot of women around the world. I came away more informed and very interested in finding out more about BHRT for my own menopausal symptoms.


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