Do We Really Need To Wear Sunscreen Every Day?

We’re all regularly warned about the dangers of the sun and how it’s one of the most significant factors contributing towards skin ageing. So we should be wearing sunscreen every day to protect ourselves right?

This does protect our skin but also blocks out vitamin D, a nutrient hard to come by from food, especially for those on vegan diets. Vitamin D is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the UK and the nutrient aids with bone health, mental health and hormone levels. Not only this, but experts suggest regular use of sunscreen can result in lacklustre skin due to congested pores. But that’s not all, a study conducted by EWG in 2014 found that 75% of sunscreens where toxic!

The sunscreens in question are chemical ones which use a combination of toxic chemicals to provide a protective barrier against the sun. The best sunscreens to use are natural, using a mineral barrier rather than a chemical one, such as Clarins 100% Mineral Screen.

But what about getting enough Vitamin D?

A solution would be to take supplements, although many studies show that they aren’t effective. The best way source of vitamin D out there is the sun and 20 minutes of direct sunlight is all you need!

The Bottom Line

Sunscreen is still important to protect against the sun’s hazardous rays, but the advice is not to wear it every day and use a mineral one.

With summer right around the corner, we suggest staying away from the sun during peak hours and covering up when you do go out, while still making sure you’re getting a healthy dose of vitamin D through unprotected exposure.


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