The Art Of Doing Nothing – How To Boost Creativity

Inactivity whether mental or physical has become a taboo, partly down to social media where we openly recite our jam-packed schedules, which is often an incomplete picture.

Or the “humble-brag translation” as  Relate point out, “I’m totally overwhelmed and busy all the time because of how valuable I am.”

With such a cultural emphasis on being constantly busy an air of guilt and feeling of inadequacy arises if we have nothing to do.

Having a constant flow of information on-top for our minds to absorbs means we don’t have to leave a single moment to idleness.

The impact of today’s latest technological innovations, and our feverish attempts to keep up, are felt in myriad ways. One of the most ironic may be the impact on our creativity.” (Relate)

Jam-packed schedules hinder creativity, we never give ourselves a moment to step back and look at things in a new perspective. Often with the sheer amount of  information we consume in a day we don’t give our mind the chance to process it.

Step Back

But having time being idle and letting your mind wander actually boosts your creativity and gives you brain time to breathe. This is the time where our unconscious has a chance to process everything and the time when new ideas arise.

Processing this enormous amount of information from staying busy also leaves our brain fatigued. Giving your brain the downtime it needs recharges batteries while processing information, consolidate memory and facilitate learning.

In Buddhism, according to the meditation instructor Susan Piver, “busyness is seen as a form of laziness” – it’s a failure to withhold your attention from whatever random email, task or webpage lays claim to it. (The Guardian)

When you’re struggling to solve a problem at work or just can’t think the way straight giving your brain a little downtime may be all you need. Doing nothing boosts creativity and focus a brisk walk in the fresh air away from technology works wonders!


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