Dear Menopause, My Poem To You

Dear menopause…


Wide awake at 4 am,

Hot and sweaty here again.

Sticking to bed sheets,

Worries flashing through my head.

Things I should not have said.


Maybe it was because I ate late,

My stomach is bloated,

My waist has gained weight.

My sexual libido in the distant past,

Hormones now raging fast.


Mind and body constantly on fire,

Anxiety, tiredness, feeling no desire.

Sleepless nights leave me drained,

Friends say they are going insane.


HRT has provided some relief,

Blood tests gave me peace of mind,

That the correct dosage could be defined.

But my car keys are still difficult to find.



Physical and mental changes,

Sometimes I no longer feel like me,

More like an empty vessel,

Or a lost cat up a tree.


Low energy and a tendency to cry,

Normality I seem to have said goodbye.

Menopause has glazed over my life,

Talking helps shed light on the taboo,

Girlfriends sharing sweaty stories with you.


A healthy lifestyle saves the day,

Drugs, gels and less carbs is my way,

To keep symptoms at bay.


The drama has started to subside,

Menopause you’re an exhausting ride.

(Written at 4am, all sweaty)

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