Davina McCall: The Benefits Of Giving Up Sugar

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Got an early copy of my new book yesterday !!!! 😃#sugarfreeinahurry #sugarfree 5 week plan inside xxxx

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We all known sugar is bad for us, it’s one of the most unhealthy foods we can eat. Davina McCall is the latest celeb to give it up for good, joining the likes of Adele, Tom Hanks and Kate Hudson.

ITV are also part of the trend, as ‘The Sugar-free Farm’ returns to screens after a successful first series in 2016. Where celebs completely ditch sugar (including natural sugar) from their diets for two weeks. This year’s series includes familiar faces such as Ann Widdecombe and Gemma Collins.

Why is Sugar So Bad?

Refined sugar has no nutritional value and once ingested sugar causes glycation, which stiffens collagen and elastin molecules, the structures responsible for keeping skin supple and firm. One of the reasons sugar causes premature ageing.

Cutting out sugar benefits both your appearance and wellbeing.

Davina recognised a whole host of benefits since giving up sugar. Talking to the BBC, the 49-year old explains:

It definitely had an impact on my energy levels and my skin looks loads better. I also felt a sense of freedom and wasn’t expecting that – I stopped feeling that I had to go to the fridge and scan for something sweet every evening. It took a while to get to that point but was worth the wait.”

Her lifestyle change is captured in the release of Davina’s Sugar-Free In A Hurry, her second sugar-free cookbook. The book hosts some delicious recipe ideas from asparagus and dippy eggs to cod pesto parcels, all of which are nutritionally-rich while avoiding refined sugar.

Although Davina doesn’t completely avoid sugar, as unrefined sugar is still present in some recipes, including honey in her appetising strawberry cheesecake.

Refined vs. Unrefined Sugar

It’s important to know unrefined sugar is more nutritious, containing minerals like iron, vitamin B6 and potassium. But the nutrient value is still low, and there is little evidence proving it’s any better than refined, suggesting it causes the same damaging effects to the body.

For the most part, Davina avoids sugar entirely and occasionally includes natural sugars from fruits (which are only harmful in large amounts). Plus fruit is nutrient rich and packed with fibre, so they are perfectly healthy, so the bad name surrounding sugar shouldn’t stop you from eating plenty of fruit!

Davina’s ‘Sugar-Free In A Hurry’ is a great way to limit your sugar intake, with delicious recipes proving you can still eat well without sugar.

Davina’s Sugar-Free in a Hurry: The Smart Way to Eat Less Sugar and Feel Fantastic £6.99


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