From Davina McCall To David Beckham – It’s Time For The Internet To Stop Shaming

Sadly, in today’s world of online accessibility, everyone is able to see, comment, and criticise each other’s lives. Trolling of people is getting worse and no one is safe. From celebrities to friends, everyone is coming up against people online who think it is their right to comment negative things and generally make others feel inferior. Why do people do this? Is it because their own lives are empty? Are they angry or bored? In need of attention? Is it because they are envious of peoples lifestyle or body shape? Or is it just because of their narcissistic bullies? Whatever the reason, real peoples lives and emotions are affected by trolling and it needs to stop.

Davina McCall Slams Trolls

This week Davina McCall posted herself colouring her hair at home. As she needs to repeat it every three weeks to keep on top of her roots, she tends to do it herself. She then received a flood of comments from trolls. They ranged from calling her a liar because her gloves weren’t discoloured, berating her for putting local hard-working hairdressers out of business, and even having a go at the way she looked saying she was too skinny. They said she looked ill, sick, had lost too much weight and looked old.

We wish those people would sit down and imaging themselves being on the receiving end of comments like that. Would they like it? Would it play on their mind? Are they pro-bulling? If not, then what on earth are they doing? What happened to Davina is a form of bullying.

Davina’s response was brilliant. She posted a video saying that she spends a lot of money at the hairdressers through her two daughters and a son and she colours her own hair for speed and time. She referred to comments she has had on other posts – saying she proudly wears a bikini because she looks fierce!

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Fat Shaming

It’s not just the celebrities who are deemed too skinny that are being trolled, but also those who are deemed too curvy! There have been so many celebrities that have had messages sent to them because they posted a picture of themselves without a perfectly flat tummy. Even celebrities who have just had babies are not immune to it and are often criticized for not losing weight fast enough. Just today, Ex-Love Islander Megan Barton-Hanson posted a message she had received from a ‘fan’ after she posted pictures:

Big, small, curvy, lumpy, bumpy, big breasted or flat chested – us women come in all shapes and sizes, and its time as people we spend less time criticizing each other.

David Beckham Kissing His Daughter

David Beckham was recently trolled for a jokey kiss on the lips with his 7-year-old daughter. Many people chose to comment saying they felt it was inappropriate. In this day and age isn’t it refreshing to see fathers openly displaying their emotions?

It’s Not Just Celebrities Being Trolled

No-one is safe from trolls. We recently met up with Laura Kidd (@fitkidd), a fitness instructor who has made her passion her lifestyle. We recently posted an article about Laura and how she stays fit during Menopause.

Laura has had her own problems with trolls, and even following the article we posted we saw many comments about how she was unrealistic of a woman in the middle of the menopause! Women in the Menopause, and in general, come in all shapes and sizes. Just because Laura chooses to keep herself in shape, eat well, not smoke and follow the lifestyle she wants, it doesn’t mean that she is unrealistic.

I think that whether you are a famous influencer or just someone who loves a bit of social media you should be allowed to live the life you choose. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, why should you be criticised for your choices? Unfortunately, there are people out there who love to cyber-bully, comment and be blatantly nasty about others. We wish we could stop those people, but all we can do is not let these ‘interferers’ put us off posting about yourself. Live your life, love yourself and keep posting! Stay happy, healthy and loved.


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