Dealing With Large Pores At 40+

As I’ve aged I thought I could look forward to blemish-free skin. But my skin needs more attention now than ever! Between preventing wrinkles, rosacea and enlarged pores it can be difficult to keep up with caring for each issue.

Nothing can permanently shrink your pores or stop blackheads, and as we age it takes longer to shed dead skin so it’s easier for dirt and oils to build up. Here are our tips for taking care of your pores and getting rid of blackheads effectively past your 40s.

Combat with cleanser

Ensure you thoroughly cleanse twice daily. Wake up and get rid of any oil that may have collected while you slept. At the end of your day try a double cleanse, to remove makeup, dirt, and sweat, and then to clean your pores!

Freshen up with a facial

Refresh the top layer of your skin while deeply treating your pores with a facial! A facial will not only open and cleanse your pores but also massage the skin to promote collagen production, leaving it feeling tighter. As a bonus, you’ll feel pampered and extremely luxurious!

Gently pull out impurities

It’s easy to attack your pores with exfoliators, but as our skin becomes more fragile try a gentler route for clearing blackheads. Charcoal masks bring out impurities, helping you to clear out your pores.

You could also try the popular and gentle Oil Cleansing Method:

  • Massage a small amount of Jojoba Oil into your skin for 5-10 minutes
  • Use a warm wet towel to steam your pores & wipe away the oil
  • Continue to rinse and wipe until all the oil is removed

Stop squeezing

Be gentle. Pulling and pinching at your skin may seem like it’s resolving your blemish issue, but really you’re only increasing irritation and enlarging pores further, while spreading oils and dirt across your face. If you can’t resist squeezing them, talk to a dermatologist about removing them.

Check out Dr Sandra Lee aka Dr Pimple Popper’s Youtube channel, to see her quick, anti-squeezing solution to removing blackheads!

Products your pores will love!


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Taking care of your skin can be tedious; it’s frustrating when we don’t see results immediately. But stick with a gentle method to improve your pores, and keep your skin in the best condition possible!


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