Celebrating Inspirational Women of 2019

Its been a year where we have been inspired by women of all backgrounds. They all showing the age is just a number and the great things can be achieved in health and wellbeing wellness, sports, media, tech and science! Heres our list of incredible women we’ve been inspired by in 2019.

Lorraine Kelly

With a 30 year career in television, Lorraine has become a legend of daytime tv! When accepting an award celebrating it earlier in the year, she talked about successful women making sure they ‘pass it on’ and help other women rise up in their professions. We’re inspired by her desire to make it easier for the next generation. She promotes optimism and shines a light on the things that people should talk about more, rather than the toxic and divisive world we live in.

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Writer of Killing Eve and Fleabag, Waller-Bridge is smart, funny, clever and behind some of the best female characters on tv in 2019! We love her because she is unashamedly herself, and that has been the key to her success!

Fearne Cotton

This year we have spent a lot of time listening to Fearne Cottons podcast, Happy Place. She promotes kindness, happiness and is dedicated to helping those who are going through mental health issues, having gone through her own personal mental health problems.

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Meg Matthews

She’s dedicated to empowering women through an honest and frank discussion of everything to do with menopause. She’s on a mission of female empowerment and wants to educate the general public so that everyone understands what women go through, which fits with our ethos perfectly!

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Rachel Peru 

Rachel Peru is repeatedly on our list on inspirational women. She’s a stylish midlife woman who champions body positivity and curves through her work as a model. She proves that you can be sexy any age and any size, and we were especially inspired by her work with The Real Catwalk this year.

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Annie Foulds

Personal Trainer Annie Foulds is strong and inspiring, as well as someone who uses her platform to be a mental health advocate. Her words will inspire and challenge you to push beyond you think is possible, physically and mentally!

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Abigail James

Skincare expert Abigail James is the Queen of Skin with all the top tips on skincare! Not only is she globally respected speaker and writer, but she is also down to earth and approachable. She promotes effective treatments, great skincare, balance, happiness and mental wellness!

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Angela Paul

Model, Writer and Political Activist, Angela Paul is also the author of the brilliant The Beauty Of Ageing. She promotes a ageing being a positive and pleasurable experience. She talks about the need to change outdated perceptions about ageing, how great sex starts in the mind, and the healing benefits of meditation, faith, service and gratitude.

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Suzi Grant

We love Suzi Grant because she is quirky and original and always seems to be having so much fun as she gets older! Her Instagram spreads love and a positive ageing message – to look good and feel great at any age!

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