Body Positive: Embrace your curves with this summer’s swimwear

It’s wonderful having a close family, all-holidaying together and creating memories that stretch back decades.

The only problem is some people would call my family body conscious- every generation from the 70s to the teenagers have six packs and toned bodies. Combine this with the media’s obsession with body transformations and weight loss I have become self-conscious about my curves and menopause muffin top. I am constantly on a mission to lose a stone; under the belief, it would make me happier with my body.

I am the ultimate testament that Abs are made in the kitchen, just not my kitchen!! I exercise like a demon, but cheat, hence the curves especially on my hips and tummy.

So you can imagine my surprise when a friend sent me some of the new Debenhams swimwear collection to try out on holiday. It was a new opportunity to embrace my curves. When I opened the package I was shocked by the big knickers, I was thinking Bridgett Jones meets Bridgett Bardot. The swimsuit and bikinis looked shapelier and more supportive than my trusted old swimwear.

I realized I had been stuck in the skimpy bikini rut, maximizing my tan instead of maximizing my figure. I had never even heard of tummy control swimwear. And I still believed my boobs should hold themselves up.

Before I went on holiday I had a mild panic attack, now I had been sent this new range I was expected to post pics of me modelling it – revealing all. I have never felt body confident enough to pose in swimwear, especially not in my 50s.Every photo of me is usually well covered up and curated. So I thought I would be crafty and take a photo of them on the side, all laid out while I was packing.

The pressure was off. I had posted a picture. Then something surprising happened, while on the sun-drenched beach the flowery bikini number caught my eye. And gradually as the days went on I discovered the figure boosting joy of new shaped swimwear. The shapes and support really made me feel better about flaunting my curves.

I decided it was time to embrace the fact I’m happy, healthy and fit. The moment I started to be kinder to myself and less judgemental I felt body confident, I’m not skinny and I’m not invisible.

Jasper Conran swimsuit

Wow! based on my partners face this was a winner! Hidden tummy control, flattering cut out, and great fit.The gold neck design highlights the neck and collarbone and draws the eye up. A plunging neckline or eye-catching top draws the eye upward, it minimizing to the bottom, streamlined my waist with some ruching and has some slightly moulded cups to give you a bit of support.

Buy now from Debenhams, £42.00

Blue Brigitte Bardot

With some retro glamour, a well-supported bra and great tummy control, I loved this! The retro design, high waists and boxy tops, accentuates your shape. This silhouette helps slim the hips and define the waist, and happens to look endlessly cool, also extra fabric masks your wobbly bits!  High cut bottoms play up your waist and it gives lots of support up top for those with a bit more cleavage, as the moulded cups provide extra support and a good push up effect and the padding give lift for a smaller bust.

Buy now from Debenhams, £37.39

Bikini one floral

Flowered stand out print adds a feminine flair and can create the impression of more curves. The top can be trusted with any size boobs. The bra style top with adjustable straps gives some extra support, the adjustable straps extra lift and support and it also has a flattering leg cut.

Buy now from Debenhams, £24.00

My new swimwear, gave me a body positive glow, by providing support and coverage it made me feel more confident. I realized that my old string bikinis did not flatter my figure – more is better. If you’re looking for a confidence boost, then steer clear of string bikinis. Try something new to accentuate your midlife body this summer, being body confident is not about losing weight; it’s about celebrating our own unique midlife style.


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