Kim Raine – How To be Real And Sort Your Crap Out In 2019

Our Guest Blogger this week, Kim, runs regular online mind-body transformation programs for women over 40 who are ready to invest in themselves physically, mentally and emotionally to facilitate an exceptional future. 

To work with Kim contact her over at or go to to join her mailing list and lose your first 7lbs without calorie counting or running! 

I still find it funny that I have ended up where I have.

I was overweight from a young age. In my late teens and twenties, my party gene kicked in including late nights, booze and thrills all the way!

So the fact that I end up as a Life Coach and Health Mentor seems the complete opposite! But I love that I am living proof of how you can turn things around…and boy have I turned them around!

Already a PT working with women over 40, I signed up to study Nutritional Therapy at Brighton University a few years ago. I changed tactic to Life Coaching after realising that women don’t need more information and they don’t need just another strategy. What they need to know is who they really are and to sort the crap out that’s holding them back!

What’s Holding You Back?

You know… why you just can’t stay away from the wine in the evenings or the biscuits in the afternoon, even though you REALLY don’t want to do it!

The truth is that once we hit our 40’s our bodies are tired. Most of my clients have been through childbirth at least once, some with IVF treatments, had careers whilst raising children and managing family life. Many are on the edge of burnout but they are too busy to realise it!

They have become used to that feeling of walking through treacle, the tiredness, broken sleep, stubborn body fat, and feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Being Healthy Is A Relief

My clients are relieved when I ask them to take a leap of faith and swap their workouts for walking and low-calorie rations for high-fat meals. But sometimes nutrition and exercise alone isn’t the answer.

Women are so used to being last on the list. Things happen and because of the sheer speed we live our lives we push them aside, stuff them down because we simply don’t have the strength, time, energy or self-confidence to deal with them head-on.

I work with women to sort out their crap; The old hurts, confidence knocks and feelings of guilt that bubble away under the surface and manifest in our bodies and day to day lives. The symptoms and behaviours that hold us back from being everything we have the right and the ability to be.

Be Yourself. Be Real

It starts with being our true authentic selves and having the courage to face up to who we really are and what we want from our lives. Our own identities fall by the wayside as we take on the roles of mother, wife, friend, employee, employer etc

Maybe we don’t follow the career we truly desire as we have bills to pay or commitments that mean retraining is difficult. We might stay in relationships that don’t serve us because we couldn’t bear the guilt of leaving. Maybe there are toxic friendships we continue to support afraid to let others down.

Living these untruths can be exhausting!

Knowing who we truly are and what we honestly want out of our lives is the key to emotional freedom and ultimate health. Believe me – I know because I have been there!

I love empowering women, but I now understand it takes a lot more than a diet – it takes a journey and a whole lot of courage!


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