Are Big Pants Back In Fashion?

By Tracey Leslie

I LIKE BIG PANTS AND I CANNOT LIE… It’s cool to wear big pants!

Do your pants Age you?

An image of big pants on a washing line next to small pants.

Is this the end of the thong? The end of the ridiculous diamond encrusted multi-strapped thong! Yippee! Are big knickers taking over? “YES!!” I hear you shout… but what about VPL? Luckily with fashion changing, high waisted trousers and looser fitting dresses mean this shouldn’t be a concern. Anyway, it’s fashionable to show off your pants in sheer clothing!

Comfort is still a high priority. It gives you confidence from the inside that is reflected on the outside, allowing you to go about your day with no hitches. I know your Spanx are really comfortable and allow you to wear that skimpy dress, but do they look sexy? No! Do they make you feel sexy? Probably not!

With comfort in mind, women want underwear that feels good and looks good. There is nothing worse than catching a glimpse of yourself in that 3 – way mirror in a changing room wearing a faded old thong! Victoria Secret’s best sellers are their ‘Cheekies’ range that are super comfy, available in a huge variety of colours and look really good! All while covering a modest amount of ‘bum’, and with fine edges so that a VPL is barely noticeable.

There is a fantastic wide range of sexy comfortable ‘BIG’ pants on the market nowadays! Give yours an overhaul!!


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